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Why You Need a Dilapidation Report

If you are starting a construction project, it would be of great benefit to consider a dilapidation report. Whether it be a new structure that you are developing or a renovation of a property, you may run the risk of damaging adjoining properties. A dilapidation report can be a way to verify any claim against you for damages to nearby buildings.

How Useful Is A Dilapidation Report

As the owner of the property being constructed, renovated or demolished, you can be accountable for any damage to adjoining properties that may be caused by the construction in your area. Depending on the proximity of the neighbouring properties and the amount of structural work done on your lot, the impact on nearby homes may vary. However, one thing is definite – the surrounding structures will be susceptible to damage.

In particular, some of the common complaints we’ve come across at Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services are cracks on pavements, driveways and walls. When property owners come forward with these claims, our clients can then verify through the dilapidation report if they can indeed be held responsible for these damages.

Therefore, if you do not have an existing dilapidation report for your current project, how will you be able to verify if these claims are valid? Without the report, it will be more difficult for you to validate the claims of the other party. Settling the matter without a valid document to refute the claim may even end up in having to pay for more expensive legal fees. Basically, the dilapidation report is a useful way to protect yourself from unfounded claims.

The Procedure

Our team at Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services will inspect the homes in adjacent lots and document the condition of the properties. The supporting documents will include images to ensure the consistency and validity of the report. The inspection and documentation will be done prior to the construction of your home or building. You will be provided with the copy of the report that you can use as a reference to validate claims if the need arises.

Other property owners also undertake the inspection by themselves. But while this can be done on your own, the validity of the document may be put in question. This is why it is important to find qualified inspectors who will be neutral to the developer and the owners of the adjacent properties.