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Why The Pest History Of A Property Matters

We all know how difficult it can become when you’re sharing your home with pests. Not only will they be destructive to your property, but they are also distractive to your comfort and peace. Worse, they can be dangerous to your health. Our team at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services helps you address this problem by recommending that property buyers and renters have a property inspected before purchasing a home or sealing a rental agreement.

It’s Not Just What Meets the Eye

Prospective buyers will always want to check the property with their own eyes and one mistake that is commonly made is how the aesthetics or even the aura of a home can easily persuade investors to take out their money immediately, without even considering that some structural problems may not be readily visible.

Our inspectors at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services can help you overcome this problem by giving you a closer look of the condition of a property and its pest history. A pre-purchase pest inspection will allow you to determine if there are underlying termite or vermin problems that need to be addressed, or if there are traces of previous infestations. Moreover, you can uncover potential risks of future infestations and prevent them from even starting.

Next Steps after Uncovering a Property’s Pest History

We advise property investors that they request for a pre-purchase pest inspection or acquire the most recent pest inspection report from the seller or landlord, if any exists, which will provide them with the adequate information about the condition of a property. Preferably, this should be done even before you make your first bid on the property.

Save Money on Repairs and Pest Management

Once you have all the information laid out, then it will be easier to decide whether or not you are willing to shell out money for the property and the costs that may come with repairs, if necessary. Some buyers think that they will just end up spending more money on pest inspections so they tend to skip on it. But pest inspections can actually save you money because finding out the problems early on can avoid you from spending more on unexpected repairs.

Furthermore, you can talk with the seller or landlord and come up with a better contract, including details on who will shoulder the costs for the pest management and repairs for the damage caused by the infestation.

However, if such negotiation does not work out, then you will still have saved more money and just be able to find other options that will suit your lifestyle and budget, and also meet your requirement of a pest-free home.