Why Conduct Building and Pest Inspections on Existing Property?

Many people have lived in their homes without bothering to look in the ceilings or under floorboards to check whether any pesky critter is living there. This kind of complacency can cost you lots of money for repairs to make your home liveable again. It is important to have your home undergo a building and pest inspection regularly in order to discover Defects or damage or to your home before they become significant or before a minor pest problem becomes a widespread infestation.

What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Entail?

A building inspection is basically an examination of various parts of a home and is conducted by experienced building inspectors. Generally, the process involves checking the ceilings, floorboards, rain gutters, roof structure, sub-floorings, doors, plumbing, windows and other parts of a home.

A pest inspection, on the other hand, is intended to detect the presence of wood-destroying critters like termites (white ants) and borers. The areas covered by the pest inspection include the interior of the home, roof void, exterior of the home including patios and pergolas, and subfloor/underfloor.

After the examination, the inspector will provide a building and pest inspection report, which will state the discovery or non-discovery of defects and or damage and pests in the home. The report will detail the extent of damage and make recommendations.

Selecting an Inspector

It is important to hire the services of a qualified inspectors in order to get an accurate evaluation and assessment of the state of your home. We always recommend both a licensed and qualified builder and a licenced and qualified timber pest specialists. The inspection process will take time, usually two to four hours for most homes. As genuine inspectors we will be thorough and will make sure we do not miss any part of your home.

Experts have the training, skills and experience to effectively and efficiently conduct building and pest inspections. They can also advise clients on how to keep their homes structurally sound and free of pests. Experts also have access to the most advanced technologies and techniques to successfully complete the job. This will give you the assurance that they will be able to spot any defect or pest problem in your home.

Hiring experts is an expense that is worth it to homeowners. It is an expense that homeowners cannot afford to forego because neglect can cost them more in the long run. Reputable building and pest inspection companies offer service packages at competitive rates. Building and pest inspection is a necessary expense as it is one way for homeowners to protect their most valuable asset.