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What You Should Look For When Buying A Home

Buying a home is a major investment; it makes sense that you want to secure a property that doesn’t have any major flaws, problems or pest infestations. During the earliest part of the home buying process – when you’re still looking at a lot of different properties – there are things you can look for to help rule a home out or in.

It is important to note through that professional Brisbane building inspectors should be called in before a property contract is finalised, however in the interim you can take a cursory look at a property to decide if it’s worth your while; some things to look for are highlighted below.

When Inspecting A Potential Property:

• Look for signs of termites in sleeper retaining walls; be especially diligent with hardwood retaining walls.
• Check the weep holes in brick homes to make sure they aren’t covered up, and that they are well above ground – they are a very common place for termites to get into a home.
• Inspect the fascia lines of the roof for any noticeable bowing or distortion.
• With brick homes, look out for evidence of excessive cracking, which can signify major structural problems.
• Take a look at the shower inside; be sure that it isn’t leaking, as that is costly to repair.
• Look for damp spots on the carpets inside, and for stains in the rooms near the shower.
• If you can, check out the roof for extremely weathered tiles.
• With metal roofs, take a close look around for signs of corrosion.
• Be wary of patch jobs on any kind of roof; it could be the roof is shortly due to be replaced.
• Take a look at the meter box; double check that there’s a safety switch, and look for termite protection notices. Make sure that any termite protection that has been done has been conducted fairly recently – most termite protections last three to five years or so.
• Be leery of large trees that are quite near the building, as they can cause damage to the foundation and are a perfect termite breeding ground as well.
• Figure out roughly where rain runs off to – are there spots where water might pool up? Foundation earth can become unstable if water is able to pool up nearby.
• Watch out for gardens planted quite near the home, as they can encourage the presence of termites.
• Inside the home, run the taps to see what kind of water pressure they have. Keep a close eye out for rust coloured water, too.
• Check the water heater to see what its date of manufacture is; these can be an unpleasant surprise to have to replace soon after moving in.

Remember that a quick inspection of your own still can’t be considered a suitable substitute for professional building and pest inspection. It simply is a guide to assist you in the property selection process. Once you find a suitable property (one that satisfies the above criteria), be sure to arrange a Brisbane building inspection service to confirm that your future home will be free of any unexpected surprises.