What You Need to Know About Pool Safety Inspections

Residential swimming pools are meant to provide a relaxing experience to families. Tragically, this has not been true for a number of families in Queensland. This was due to the growing number of serious injuries and drowning incidents, especially of younger children. The government took serious steps to introduce new pool safety laws and these have been continually revised to make it safer for people enjoying the pool facility. To ensure all laws pertaining to pool safety are being followed, it is mandatory for the pool owners to have building and pest inspections in Brisbane.

The current legislation for pool safety is meant to prevent children, either residing in the house or those who visit, from having serious injuries. According to a statistic, drowning is the leading cause of deaths in Queensland for children less than four years. It is a good idea to teach your children how to swim as early as possible. What is equally important is to comply with the pool safety standards. According to these standards, following measures are to be taken to make the swimming pool more safe:

Site location

The pool should be visible from a designated family area. Ideally, there should be a doorway leading to the yard so that quick access can be made. There should be windows opening to the pool side so that maximum supervision can take place.


Pool fencing has to comply with the new standards. For new pools, temporary fence is allowed for a period of three months after which permanent fencing has to be installed. The fence should be at least four feet high and if there are slats, these should not be more than four inches wide. The fence should not be climbable nor should it be very near to tree branches. It can be wooden or made of metal.


The fence should have a self-closing and self-latching gate. The safety latch of the gate should be at a height where children cannot reach.

CPR sign

The CPR sign should be places in a place around the swimming pool where it is easily visible and prominent.

The pool inspectors visit the pools regularly to make sure all above rules and regulations regarding pool safety are being adequately followed. Whether the pool is in some private residence or part of a health club or hotel, pool inspections in Brisbane are essential to ensure more pool safety in order to prevent undesirable injuries or fatal accidents.