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What is a Dilapidation Report?

Building owners need to maintain regular checks on the building and have building and pest inspections in Brisbane done to make sure it is free from any structural damages and other health hazards. Preparation of inspection reports are vital in certain conditions, such as when there is some construction work going on in the surrounding area. In such a case, dilapidation report is prepared for the building to present its condition before the commencement of construction, so that any damages caused as a result of adjacent construction can be claimed for later on.

What is a dilapidation report?

This is a written report made after carrying out a complete and thorough inspection of the property. It is often supported by photographs of different parts of the building. These photographs are used to determine the condition of the building before the start of any construction or demolition work on an adjoining property. Such a work may include construction of a new building, alterations and renovations to an existing structure, road works, underground tunnelling or demolition tasks. After the work is completed a final inspection will be made and a report be made to document any changes that might have occurred as a result.

Benefits of a dilapidation report

When a dilapidation report is not prepared it will be more difficult to verify the damage caused as a result of construction on the adjoining property. This might lead to difficulty in claiming for damages. Dilapidation reports are useful for those property owners who are concerned about nearby construction. It can be a wise investment to get the dilapidation report prepared for more peace of mind. One copy of the report is with the building owner and the other with the person carrying out construction. In this way, there can be no disputes regarding possible damages. Dilapidation report is also useful in identifying any cracks or damages in the building prior to the construction work.

How to get a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation report is a third party factual record. It is filled out by specially trained building consultants. It is important that the consulting company has a license to operate. This will ensure an accurate documentation of the condition of the building and not contain any bias.

Dilapidation reports are important for documenting the condition of a building including cracks and faults. It includes complete inspections, such as building inspections and pool inspections in Brisbane before and after the construction process in the surrounding areas of the building.