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What First Time Home buyers Should Know About Property Inspections

When purchasing a new home, it is undeniable that there is always that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm – most especially for first time home buyers. In fact, the excitement might make you want to immediately jump into closing a deal as soon as you find a home that is perfect for your requirement and budget. Unfortunately, this can become a big mistake if you are looking into getting the best value for your money.

At Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services, we help property investors make an informed decision by providing a complete and detailed home inspection report. A property inspection will give you a better idea of what you will be getting for the price you will pay and the conditions of the property that can potentially affect your way of life after you move in.

Why a Property Inspection is Important

As a property buyer, you can always make a personal visit to your potential home and conduct your own inspection. But no matter how flawless the house may look, there could be hidden problems that can only be discovered with the help of trained property inspectors.

What could these hidden problems mean to you? These structural damages can turn into huge expenses as you could end up having to pay for the repair costs. A thorough property inspection can not only save you from spending more, it will also help ensure that the home you will be purchasing is fit for healthy and comfortable habitation. You can also make use of the inspection report to negotiate for a better deal with the seller.

Thorough Property Inspection

Prior to acquiring a home, an inspection for damages, structural problems and potential issues is a must if you want to make a smart purchase. Our property inspector at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services will go through every part of the home and check for problems. This includes a cracked toilet or sink, broken floor tiles, damaged ceiling, cracked windows and jammed doors, among others.

Signs of damage due to flooding, ceiling leaks and other problems that may not be readily seen during your personal inspection can also be uncovered by a licenced inspector.

Pest Inspection

Another hidden problem that may not be identified until it begins causing damage to your property, is a pest issue. A pest inspection of the home you are just about to buy can help you uncover the problem earlier, so that the appropriate steps can be done before you decide to give away your money. We also suggest that your home, even after you have already purchased it, should have a yearly pest inspection to ensure that you prevent infestations.