What Does a Pest Inspector Check?

What Does a Pest Inspector Check?

The vast majority of people ask for a pest report as part of their pre-purchase checks. A thorough pest inspection gives homeowners great peace of mind – it allows them to buy with confidence.

We all know that pest inspections are important, but do we know what areas are covered? Where does a pest inspector actually look and, why is it important to look into every nook and cranny?

What do the Inspectors Look for?

The inspectors are going to be on the lookout for signs of vermin, wood borer, termites and other common pests but will also check the property for wood rot, poor ventilation and dampness. (Pests tend to like a humid, moist environment so badly ventilated or damp areas are trouble spots.

At Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections, they will be on the lookout for not just the signs of a current infestation but also for points in the home that could provide a safe haven for pests in the future.

When it comes to keeping pests out of your home, you need to ensure that the environment is as uncomfortable for them as possible. This means identifying and sealing off as many points of entry as possible, clearing up any damp areas and ensuring that the entire house is properly ventilated.

Where do They Look?

The inspectors from Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections conduct a thorough inspection of your home – inside and out.

They will check all visible woodwork within the home, such as doors and skirting boards as well as areas the eyes can’t see – they are going to check inside the cupboards as well.

They look inside the roof, where possible, to check the rafters, et cetera.

They crawl into spaces and those areas that one would not normally go into at all. (They’ll end up knowing your house better than you do.)

They will also inspect the subfloor timbers and joints.

Exterior Inspection

Once the interior inspection is complete, they will conduct a check of any outdoor structures such as pergolas and sheds. They will also check your verandah and fences as well as look into any timber that is stored on the yard and inspect any trees or tree stumps.

You can then expect a report in the next couple of days detailing problems, if any are found, or potential problem areas and suggested solutions.