Rain drops

Ways To Prepare Your Home For Stormy Weather

Although summer brings plenty of sun and warm days in Queensland, it is also the wettest season of the year in the Sunshine State. That is, we experience the heaviest rainfalls during this time, usually brought about by storms and cyclones.

And with heavy rains come huge damages to properties and homes. In fact, during some of the annual inspections conducted by the Defence Pest and Building Inspection team, we come across homes that have experienced damages during a previous storm.

Keeping Your Property and Family Safe During the Storm

While storms are inevitable and beyond our control, there are several ways in which you can prepare for them. Preparation does not only avoid damages to your property but, more importantly, it is a key to keeping everyone in the family safe.

Clear branches and keep trees away from your house

Dead branches and branches extending to your home may easily fall off with strong winds, so even before the season begins, it is best to trim the trees surrounding your property. Trees close to your home also pose a huge danger especially during strong storms.

Use screens or shutters for glass windows and wall surfaces

Glass windows and glass wall surfaces are prone to breakage during typhoons. The use of metal screens or shutters will help to prevent this since the screens will filter the force against the glass. Using a duct tape on your window (taping it with an X pattern) will hold the glass together in case a breakage occurs.

Keep your roof well-maintained

Your roof is your main protection – whether it be sunny or rainy. Hence, this makes your roof more vulnerable to wear and tear. Keep your roof secure by checking for any loose tiles, repairing and replacing as needed. And because you are expecting rain, leaks should be sealed even before the wet season starts.

Make sure gutters and other outdoor drainages are clear

Always check the roof gutter and any outdoor drainage to make sure that they are not clogged or blocked. This will save you from a lot of cleaning-up later on and save you from repair expenses in case some flooding occurs.

Remove unsecured furniture or equipment from your yard

Any furniture or equipment in your yard that is not secure should be removed, as it can end up being damaged by the rains. It may also be carried by very strong winds, which can cause more damage to property.

Another important thing to remember is to always keep your building and property inspection up to date. During the routine inspection, our staff at Defence Pest and Building Inspection can help you identify what repairs and maintenance you need in order to avoid any potential risks during the stormy weather.