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Try before you buy

When it comes to buying your own home, whether you are a first time buyer or not, you want to make the best possible investment that you can. That is where a pre purchase building inspection comes into play. Pre purchase building inspections are set up with the aim of identifying potential problems when it comes to the structural integrity of the building and any possible pest problems.

When you are buying a property it is a big investment and so you want to be sure to have a professional on your side to let you know whether or not you are buying someone else’s problems. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections Services is just the kind of professional company you need on your side for complete peace of mind when buying a property.

They specialise in providing buyers with thorough inspections – they will give you a comprehensive report covering any potential structural issues, let you know whether or not the pool fences are up to scratch and will let you know whether or not you will be inundated with creepy crawlies. In essence, these reports give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are not making a bad deal.

Should problems be found, your report will also give you an idea as to the extent of these problems and whether or not they will be expensive to fix. You could then decide to move on, reduce the offer made or insist on the issues been fixed prior to taking possession of the property.

Chris will never forget the first home he ever bought – as he says, back when he knew everything – it was a great little house and he was in too much of a hurry to get a building inspector in so he signed on the dotted line. A year later, he was still congratulating himself on his savvy buy and scoffing at his mates for paying for a pre-purchase inspection. Two years later, when they decided to remodel, Chris was singing a different tune – when they opened up the walls, they found quite extensive termite damage – damage that must have been there when he bought the house.

It was an expensive lesson so when Chris decided to buy an investment property, he didn’t hesitate to call in Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections Services. They checked out his potential purchase from top to bottom helping him to feel confident about the buy. He felt that the inspector’s report was really comprehensive and enabled him to make the right decision. In terms of the time it took, it only added a couple of days to the purchase process – the team has a great turn-around time.

Andrew and Kelly had recently moved to Brisbane from South Africa and were none the wiser what to look for in a home. A colleague recommended Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections Services to conduct pre-purchase inspections and, as Kelly says, it was just as well. In South Africa, termites are not really a problem so you don’t go looking for them. Also in South Africa, there are no strict laws regarding pool fences. As Kelly says, they nearly bought a property with a pool that wasn’t compliant and were saved a lot of money by the team because their comprehensive report stated that the pool fences were not only at the incorrect height but that they didn’t latch properly. Because of this report, they insisted on the sellers getting the pool certificate before they took ownership.

Do yourself a favour and contact Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections to give a comprehensive report on your intended home sweet home.