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Tips and Tricks to Help you Sell your House

Are you looking at putting your house on the market? If so, you need to consider having some basic inspections done before you list your home. This will ensure that you have no rude surprises when it comes to the actual sale going through. You need to remember that most buyers nowadays will have a building or pest inspector out to check for possible structural problems or pest problems. Most of the time, if there are problems, it is better to have them fixed up yourself rather than risking the buyer cancelling the sale or having the price driven down altogether.

The following are some of the advance home inspections you should look into having done:

An Independent Appraisal

One of the most useful advance home inspections is an independent appraisal. Whilst estate agents tend to have a good idea of what properties in the area are worth, it can still pay you to have an independent appraisal done. Remember that the estate agent will naturally be looking after their own commission and so may not be the most objective when it comes to appraisals.

An independent appraisal can also be shown to prospective buyers as proof of the value in your home. It will also help you to get a good idea of what your home is actually worth and ensure that you do not undervalue it or overinflate the price. It is also a safeguard against future sales possibly falling through – an independent appraiser is likely to be more conservative than an estate agent and will often appraise along the same guidelines that the bank appraisers do. This makes it easier to match the bank’s actual appraisal if the buyers are applying for home finance.

A Pest Control Inspection

A sale, especially if financed by a bank, is usually contingent on a proper pest inspection anyway so it is worthwhile to have one done before you put the house on the market. This way you will know about any possible problems relating to pests before they are discovered by potential buyers. The advantages of finding out about pest problems upfront are quite substantial. For starters, it gives you the opportunity to fix the problem before listing the property.

Alternatively, if you do not intend to fix the problem, you will be safeguarding yourself against future claims by noting the defects of the property in writing. Buyers will not be able to say that you were trying to disguise the problem and you will also have written evidence about how far it had actually progressed. This is also useful because you will be aware from the get go exactly how much this will cost to fix – buyers won’t be able to ask for excessive discounts because of the problem.

Home Building Inspection

Just like with building and pest inspections in Brisbane, forewarned is forearmed. You will also be notified of any legal requirements that need to be adhered to. For example, an expert in pool inspections will be able to make sure that your pool area meets all legal requirements.

A further advantage of having these repairs conducted before the house goes on the market is that there won’t be a huge rush to get the repairs conducted whilst waiting for escrow to go through.