Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging

One of the greatest threats to any building structure is the presence of moisture. Often, it does not get detected until a lot of damage has already been done. This is because it is often not visible by the naked eye. Another problem is of termite infestation in homes. Termites are more attracted to damp surfaces and therefore it is important to keep the moisture out from homes. Services of building and pest inspections companies in Brisbane make use of thermal imaging for the identification of moisture and termite presence in homes so that adequate measures can be taken against the moisture damage and action is taken for eradication of these creatures.

Thermal or infrared technology makes use of specialized cameras for the detection of termite and termite sub-nests. The amount of thermal energy that comes from an object is adequately measured using these cameras. Different energy levels create different temperatures. This technology is so advanced it can detect even the slightest differences in temperature. This allows eradication and removal measures to be taken before a greater damage has been done. The whole skeleton of the building can be seen by the building inspectors through thermal imaging camera to identify the exact places where any possible termite activity occurs. Thermal imaging is a safe method as it is non-destructive and non-intrusive. There is no need to drill holes in the walls or tear down any structure to apply thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging has a number of other advantages. It not only detects active termites but also inactive termite nests. This is very useful in protecting the building structure and its integrity. The use of this process allows early detection which means the treatment for eradication and removal of termites and moisture will be less expensive as well as less extensive. A lot of costs can be saved in this manner. This latest technology is able to detect hidden termites in some of the difficult to reach areas such as inside walls, under floor coverings and ceiling cavities. Besides termites, thermal pest cameras are also used for the detection of other pests such as rats and possums.

Thermal imaging is the latest trend in the pest control industry and is rapidly expanding as more pest control companies buy these expensive cameras for effective detection of pests and termites in commercial and residential buildings. These can be used for current as well as new home structures to ensure the house is free from these tiny creatures that can cause great harm to the structure as well health of the residents. For better building inspections, pest inspections, and pool inspections in Brisbane it is recommended to hire a company that uses all latest techniques and equipment.