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The Importance Of Getting A Building And Pest Inspection

One thing’s for certain when it comes to buying a new home: skip building and pest inspections at your own risk. As so many home buyers unhappily discover every year, failing to have this important work done can lead to all kinds of complications and misery.

Sean And Maggie’s Dream Home Becomes A Nightmare

As excited as they were about buying their first home together, Sean and Maggie rushed through the buying process as quickly and enthusiastically as possible. Despite admonitions from friends and family, the couple failed to have building inspections performed. Within a month of moving in, they had discovered several very major structural flaws – and a colony of timber pests that would have been easily discovered by a pest inspection. Needless to say, Maggie and Sean ended up spending a whole lot more than they’d bargained for on the outset.

Building Inspections: What Exactly Are They?

While you should definitely walk around a property yourself and look for any obvious signs of trouble, the fact is that your untrained eye simply can’t pick up on the kinds of things that a professional building inspector’s can. You should have a building inspection done before signing the contract for your new home; during that inspection, the company will assess the following:

  • the bases of the foundation walls, or the footings
  • ceilings
  • guttering
  • sub-floor and roof space to check for major structural damage
  • doors
  • framing
  • dampness
  • plumbing
  • rot
  • wiring
  • window spaces, to check that they are all sealed appropriately
  • potential problems like illegal alterations or extensions to the house that could lead to trouble later on

As a general rule, when you have a building inspection performed you should come away from the process with a report that outlines precisely what – if anything – was discovered. With that information, you can make an educated decision about whether or not that dream home is really a nightmare in disguise or not. It’s the simplest, most effective way to head off major problems down the road. After all, who wants to pay a load of extra money on repairs?

Pest Inspections: What Exactly Are They?

Since timber pests are such a problem in Australia, a good pest inspection will check for evidence of those wily critters – along with other pests like rodents, cockroaches and spiders.

By having a trained professional look over your prospective home, you can avoid the major shock and worry of discovering incredibly destructive pests like termites in your new home. Undoing the damage of such pests can be prohibitively expensive, so it definitely pays to rule them out from the outset. As long as your new home gets a clean bill of health, things will be good to go.