House Structure

The Importance of a Structural Adequacy Inspection

When a structure is being renovated, or when an extension is added to a building, it follows that there is an additional load to the current structure. This, in turn, can have an implication on the durability and strength of the foundation, columns, walls and other components of the house. To accommodate the development, alterations may be required to ensure that the entire structure can withstand the added load.

In these cases, Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services would recommend that you have your home inspected for structural adequacy. A complete building inspection will help you determine whether the current structural design of your property can support the additional load. If the existing structure will not be able to support the load of the proposed expansion, our professional inspectors will give you suggestions on how to address the inadequacies.

The inadequacies are usually resolved with a new structural design or the replacement of the materials used in the current design. While these alterations can be disruptive to the existing structure, it will guarantee that the proposed development can be carried out without further issues on the load-bearing capacity of the structure.

Alterations on the Foundation

For homes that are not being developed or expanded, it is possible that the gradual movement and caving in of the land (also known as subsidence) is affecting the structure’s foundation. Cracks on the wall can be a sign of subsidence. This issue needs to be addressed by having your property checked for structural adequacy. Depending on the cause and degree of damage, the solution can vary.

There are instances when the problem is caused by the drainage system on your property that might be slowly softening the soil, making the ground unable to completely support the weight of your house. The leaking drains should be repaired and the drainage system can be redesigned, if necessary. The problem can also be caused by surrounding objects, such as trees, which can be pruned to solve the issue.

If the problem lies on the existing foundation itself, however, then the structural design will need to be modified and reconstruction is recommended.

Obtaining a Structural Adequacy Certificate

The structural adequacy certificate is a proof that a building can support a predetermined load, ensuring that your property is safe for habitation. At Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services, we can assist you with identifying inadequacies with the load-bearing capacity of your property, as well as how the issues can be resolved by the most economic means.

In addition, if you are selling your property, which previously had problems with structural inadequacies but which have already been resolved, a structural adequacy certificate may also be necessary.