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The Advantages of Undergoing a Presale Inspection

Trust and credibility are two of the most important factors when selling your home. Potential buyers will not only be interested in the quality of your property, but more so, your honesty as a seller. This is why professional home inspections are necessary prior to finalising a sale and signing your contract.

It is of valuable advantage to you, as the vendor, that even before your property is listed for sale or for an auction, a thorough inspection is conducted. We at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can provide a detailed presale inspection of your home to help you secure a deal, with the best value for your property.

How Important Is It?

With a presale building examination from Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections, you will get more reliable offers and be able to decide on a realistic price for your property. Here are some of the reasons why you should initiate a presale inspection:

  • You will have the most current building inspection report that you can readily present to your prospective buyers, which will give them confidence that you are serious about the deal. Some buyers may also inquire about inspections, so it’s always best to be ready.
  • It will be easier to assess the value of your property since you know all the existing conditions of your home.
  • You will have more time getting any defects sorted out, whether it be with regard to the material quality or possible pest infestations, and get things repaired and replaced, if necessary. You will also be able to do all this even before putting up your home for sale, and by that, be able to add more value to your property.
  • Issues about renegotiation or contract cancellation due to claims of property misrepresentation can be avoided.
  • It builds your credibility as a seller by exercising honesty and transparency to buyers, in turn, you can gain more offers or bids. And, in the future, in case you will be selling another property, you already have a credibility record.

If you are still unsure as to whether a presale inspection will be necessary to close that deal, just imagine being in the shoes of the buyer and what impression it will give you knowing that the seller took the initiative to have the property inspected. You, as the seller, the trust you gain from being transparent to your prospects will be your selling point. On top of all of that, it will help guarantee a smooth, hassle-free transaction.