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Superior Inspection Services

As we move forward with the growing knowledge of the importance of having a full and thorough building and pest inspection it has become absolutely necessary to continually improve inspection and detection skills.

This is why our staff at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections must have completed a Residential Building Inspection course that allows them to be accredited by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) (previously the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA)).

Up-to-Date Technology

The technology that is available these days to detect any pest or rodent activity is quite amazing. In our complete and professional home inspections we incorporate the use of such services as:-

    • Thermal Imaging Cameras;
    • Termatrac;
    • Borescope;

Thermal Infrared cameras have remarkable abilities and are able to detect such things as termite damage, plumbing, window leakage, missing thermal insulation and overheating electrical equipment. You can see how this single technology alone can save you a fortune in time and money.

Termatrac detection is similar to that of radar and is able to pinpoint activity through products including plasterboard, brick and masonry, thus negating the need to make holes in the walls.

Borescope uses low frequency electronic signals to detect moisture through paint, varnish, tiles and roofing felt.

Service and Integrity

Buying a home, whether it is for yourself to live in or for an investment, is more than likely going to be the single biggest purchase you will ever make.

It is important to get it right to save yourself stress and hardship further down the track.

You can see from the skills and technologies we have outlined above that we have the capabilities to inspect any property big or small, easily accessed or not and supply you with the best possible data about a particular property.

Once we have obtained this data it is presented to you in a comprehensive yet easy to understand report that you can use to ascertain the correct condition of a property.

So when you are ready to buy that special home or investment why not look us up at to see more information on this and our other great services such as pool inspections.