Stop Pests in their Tracks

As home owners, there are a lot of dangers that we have to worry about. Sometimes it is no so much the things that go bump in the night but the little creepy crawlies that we need to look out for. And understanding little creepy crawlies is one thing that the folks at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection services have spent a lot of time on.

Their inspectors have the experience to be able to pinpoint possible problem areas in the home and advise exactly how to deal with these. They will provide a professional pest inspection at your convenience.

These inspections are a very important part of home maintenance and should be conducted at least once a year.

The problem with most pests is that, when you can actually see them, it generally means that the problem is pretty widespread. Insects like to hide away in dark places that are not frequently disturbed – think of all the places in your home that could qualify. It takes a regular pest inspection and expert inspector to catch these problems early on.

Of course, the earlier you catch a pest problem, the easier it is to deal with. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection Services make use of the experience of their inspectors in combination with state of the art equipment to make sure that they find any traces of a pest problem. Equipment is very important – for every pest you see, there are at least 7 lurking in the shadows.

Cockroaches breed profusely and can get into all kinds of cracks – they can even enter your home through the plumbing. They easily establish a foothold and, if left alone long enough, they can be very difficult to eradicate.

Rats and mice breed just as easily and also carry a number of diseases. They too can be difficult to get rid of. Finding all their hiding places on your own can be tough. You can put poison out but then you run the risk of the carcasses decomposing and causing quite a stink.

Termites can also cause a lot of damage to the structure of the building itself and may not only be difficult to eradicate but can also lead to expensive repairs being necessary. Smaller bugs such as bed bugs can cause a lot of irritation for your family – a lot of people are allergic to bed bug bites.

Overall, pest inspections are never something to be taken lightly – they are an important part of keeping your family safe and of protecting one of your biggest assets – your home.