Steel Vs Timber Framed Homes

The construction of a building, whether for residential or commercial use, requires careful planning and execution and the right choice of materials. For making frames in the structure, the options that are available include mainly timber and steel. To choose timber or steel frames for construction, you need to know about the pros and cons of these materials. Brisbane building inspection identifies significant problems or defects related to the use of these materials to make sure that the structure is protected from damages such as rusting, decay and pest damage.

When choosing between the frames of steel or timber for home structure, there are several considerations taken into account. These concerns involve many factors including the location of the home, exposure to certain environmental and climatic conditions, and the budget.

Steel structure is ideal for places where there is high level of humidity. Steel frames can withstand moisture and are more durable than the timber frames. These are also a cheaper option as compared to timber frames. Unlike timber, steel does not expand and contract when exposed to different amounts of moisture in the air. A steel frame has no possibility of deformation, reduction, splitting or twisting due to moisture. Steel structure is completely free of chemicals.

Timber structure is by far the easiest material to build houses in Australia. It can be used near the coast. The costs and limitations of classic timber frames and building materials restrict attractive designs for new homes.

When building a new house, an addition to the structure, the completion of extensive renovation, or simply to find out more about how a home is constructed, some basic knowledge about the construction procedure and materials used is necessary. Construction inspections are especially important for potential home buyers. A pre purchase inspection of a property makes a visual assessment of the current state of the property and notes any defects in construction that require immediate correction. The building inspector must be approved by the building control authority. These authorities sustain building inspection standards. Brisbane building inspectors are responsible to the authority issuing the license for the quality of services.