damaged home

Small Issues Can Mean Bigger Problems in Homes

Buying a home is a very exciting time. Whether it is for an investment or to live in, it means that the buyer has increased their assets. When it comes to assets, especially homes that are to be lived in, we want them in good condition and this is where Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections come in.

We offer invaluable pre purchase building inspections to buyers who want to be sure that the home in question is in the condition it appears to be. Small signs of damage can sometimes mean there is much more happening beneath the surface and these can go undetected if an inspection is not carried out.

Why use a professional?

To the untrained eye, a crack in the wall may not even be noticed let alone signal that there is a bigger problem. At Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections we are a highly trained team of experts who will spot any issues and uncover any nasty surprises that no one knew were there before.

Save now, pay later

Sometimes what is listed as a bargain may seem like a good idea but when the problem becomes bigger later on, the costs will soon outweigh the money saved in the beginning.

Sadly, some sellers may even try to cover up an issue that is present and this is exactly why it is a good idea to enlist the services of our team and get a professional opinion.

All kinds of things can be done to mask problems. These include patching up cracks and repainting walls, re-grouting tiles, replacing carpets and more. Termite damage, issues with the structure and leaks are just a few of the problems you will want picked up in the beginning.

Signs to be wary of

While some buyers may not mind the idea of a home that needs some work, others don’t. While we highly recommend that you contact us for a full inspection, when looking at homes the first time yourself, keep an eye out for some of the following.

– Cracks in ceilings and walls;

– Doors out of square;

– Leaking taps and air conditioners;

– Plaster bubbling on walls near showers and baths; and

– Cracked tiles and mould in shower bases.

Give us a call to view our services and arrange an inspection for your purchase today. Our work is honest, professional and guaranteed to save you a nasty surprise later down the track.