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Should You Let a Structure’s Termite History Stop You from Buying Your Next Property?

So you’re walking around this beautiful home – it has an elegantly designed living room looking out into the garden, a spacious dining area adjacent to an inviting kitchen, and several cosy bedrooms perfect for settling in at night. This could be very well your next property; however, you notice that some of the building materials used are vulnerable to termite infestation.

And what if the property actually has a history of termite infestation? How would you know? Should you still buy it or just say goodbye to your dream home?

Opting for Pre-purchase Inspections

Prior to closing a deal, it’s always ideal to consider property inspections. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can provide you with reliable pest & building inspections that will help you decide whether a property is worth your time and money or not. We use the latest technology to ensure accurate detections of pests and other building problems.

The pre-purchase inspections we offer at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections will not only tell you about the termite history of a property, but also the property’s susceptibility to future infestations. Through this, further damage to both the property and your bank account can then be avoided.

What If the Property Has a History of Pest Infestation?

The question still stands, should you settle for that property if the inspections reveal that, indeed, the property has been infested by termites? Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is a resounding ‘no’ as it doesn’t make sense spending for a home that will just end up incurring more expenses after its initial cost.

On the other hand, you can use this as a reason for negotiating and reaching a better deal. Check if the property owner is in an agreement with a pest control and management company, and see if the contract can be transferred to you. If the inspections reveal that treatments are required, make sure that the repair costs will be shouldered by the current owner.

In worst case scenarios where there is no existing contract with a pest control company and the owner is unable to cover all of the treatment costs, request for the value of the home to be reassessed. Make sure that the results of the pest inspection are taken into consideration to see if any adjustments can be made.

Furthermore, if you have decided to purchase the property, you should ensure that regular termite and pest inspections are conducted as part of your home maintenance.