damaged roof

Repairing Water Penetration Damages

Water penetration damage can be repaired, especially when caught early enough. Although making a habit of inspecting your home for signs of water penetration is smart, it’s even better to have Brisbane building inspections done periodically as well. Any time you are purchasing a new home, too, you should have a pest inspection firm in Brisbane take a close look for the telltale signs of water penetration. Should any damage be found, there are things you can do; read on to learn more.

Repairing Damaged Tile Roofs

Tiled roofs that incur water penetration damage can be fixed and repaired, at least as a stopgap measure before having to replace the entire roof. The trick to doing this is finding the precise place where water is leaking through. It should be noted that walking on the tiles should be avoided at all costs. If it is absolutely necessary, it is best to walk along the places where two tiles overlap. Whenever possible, try to make the necessary repairs from below, from the roof space area rather than from above.

Most of the time, tiles become susceptible to water penetration when they become old. As tiles age, they tend to become brittle. If you find definite signs of water damage, the first thing you should do is see if any mortar has cracked or peeled away. Oftentimes, this is the case. If so, you can use a silicone-based sealant to make repairs which will prevent further water penetration. Optimally, this sealing will keep the problem at bay and will prevent it from become significantly worse.

Repairing Damaged Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are very strong, durable and resilient things. Compared with other types of roofs, they last a very long time and are excellent from an investment standpoint. However, exceptionally old metal roofs can incur water penetration damage. When this happens, replacement is usually the only reasonable option. However, certain measures can be used to extend the life of the metal roof. In Australia, one of the most common methods is to insert “slips” of corrugated iron between the damaged sheets of metal on the roof. These slips must be made out of the same material as the rest of the roof.

Another common method used to repair metal roofs in Australia is silicone sealant. This sealant can be used on metal roofs and covered with a coat of paint to make the roof attractive and whole once more. As noted above, this method is hardly a foolproof one and replacement is often necessary. For best results, it is recommended that a professional roofing company come out and examine the roof. That way, you can get an experienced perspective of the issue and make a decision from there.