Reliable Termite Detection Using the Latest Technologies

To ensure reliable results when it comes to pest inspections, Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services uses only high-quality inspection equipment and the latest technologies. Two of the most important technologies we have are the use of Borescope and Termatrac.


Borescope Technology

Termite colonies, on most occasions, are not readily visible from the surface – whether it be on the wall, floor or ceiling. This makes detection of termite activities less reliable with the mere use of the naked eyes, while allowing infestations to rapidly grow without being noticed.

With the use of a borescope, pest inspectors can examine termite activities by inserting the device into a small wall cavity. The device will help keep track of moisture and any mudding that is present within close proximity. The borescope includes a lens and an eyepiece that allows our inspector to see possible signs of infestation.

Although this is an invasive method, the device only leaves a tiny hole that is not easily noticeable, and is mostly used for hard to reach areas, corners and crevices. There is also no need for repeatedly boring holes in suspected areas of termite activities because the borescope makes it easy to track traces of infestation in nearby areas.



The Termatrac is non-invasive pest inspection equipment, which uses moisture and temperature levels to effectively detect signs of termite activities. This means that there is no need for drilling or physically penetrating the wall, floor or any other surface to be able to identify infestations. This device is effective for detecting pest activities on most common building materials, including timber, fibreboard, plasterboard, tiles and marble.

The Termatrac device uses a sensor to identify areas with excess moisture and high humidity, as these are two of the basic requirements of termites for survival. The device also features a thermal sensor, helping our technicians to determine the locations of termites by tracking the heat that they generate.

Once the risk areas have been established, our technician can use the built-in radar to scan for movements of termites in the area to confirm their presence and location. The radar also allows us to trace the trails, access points and even the colony of termites.


More Efficient Treatment Process

Since the use of borescope and Termatrac makes the detection process faster and more reliable, the pest treatment process will also become more efficient. In most cases, using the borescope and Termatrac does not disturb termite activities, thus allowing technicians from Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services to effectively carry out pest control methods without the risk of termites moving their colony or spreading to other areas of your property.