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Pre-Construction Dilapidation Reports Essential

Reliable pest inspection is not the only service we can supply to the general public. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections https://www.defencepestandbuildinginspections.com.au can also offer:-

• Pre-purchase Building Inspections

• Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

• Pre-sale Inspections

• Pool Safety Inspections

Dilapidation Reports

• Stage Inspections

• Home Inspections

Dilapidation Reports an Absolute Must

Of all of the services we offer the most exacting can be a dilapidation report. Whilst the process is exactly the same as for a building inspection there is very little likelihood of a messy neighbour dispute erupting from its results.

People do not realise that a dilapidation report is not only to declare a building dilapidated. A report such as this records the current and subsequent condition of a particular dwelling.

If you or a close neighbouring property were intending to undertake major construction work in the form of a new extension, perhaps involving the destruction of part of an existing building, it is always a good idea to gain the services of a reputable building inspector.

The building of a retaining wall, road production or any form of tunnelling may require a report such as this and in some cases may form part of an approval from the local council.

The reason for this is to record the pre-construction condition of your home. A major construction can often include the use of heavy machinery employed for the removal of soil and helps with the construction itself.

Soil removal can undermine the footings of an existing dwelling. Should this happen it is more than likely that cracks will form or perhaps something even worse may eventuate.

The footings of a home are its foundation structure. These footings can vary depending on the results of a soil test. Some can be piers that have to be sunk deep into the ground to avoid slippage whilst others may just be the slab the house is built on.

Keeping Everyone Involved on the Same Page

The gaining of a dilapidation report will keep all the players involved with any construction work on the same page.

By this we mean that the existence of such a report will outline the current state of a particular building in a before and after condition. This makes it easier to assess if any damage was in fact incurred due to construction or not, thus avoiding any sticky situations that may fester out of control should a dispute erupt.