Building Plan

Planning Permissions in Brisbane

When you are planning a home improvement of some type, you often just look to the future benefits derived from it. Imagine if the council came in at a future date and told you to take down your new extension because you didn’t get the proper planning permission.

It is not just extensions that may need approval from the council; most external structures are subject to council approval as well. The following guide will help make sure that you enjoy safe building inspections and that your structures are legal.


New single dwelling buildings can usually be built without planning permission as long as certain rules are followed. Multi-unit dwellings, restorations, raising and renovations usually do require planning permissions.

If you plan to demolish or move the house, you will need to check with the council first that the area is not protected.


For carports, garages, decks and sheds, you may need planning approval and you will have to adhere to building codes.

If you are installing or replacing pontoons or jetties, you will need council approval.

Satellite dish installation may also require planning approval.

Fences, Swimming Pools and Landscaping

Top of the list here for possibly needing council approval is a retaining wall. Retaining walls need to adhere to strict building codes.

Fencing is just as important – you will need to adhere to the rules and also ensure that you don’t encroach on your neighbours’ properties.


Extensive plumbing projects, plumbing projects in new extensions or in new dwellings are subject to council approval. An application takes, in general, approximately three weeks and different fees are levied, depending on the type of application.

In general, when considering any new extensions or structures, it is advisable to consult the Brisbane Council website or contact their offices in order to determine whether you need planning permission or not before you get started.

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can come in to help you check that everything is up to code and safe and secure for your family. They will not only advise on the latest building regulations but will use the latest in technology to ensure that your home is structurally sound as well.

The inspectors from Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections will issue you with a comprehensive report about possible problem areas with advice on what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

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