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Outdoor Lighting: Is a Planning Application Needed?

When placing new structures or features on your property, a planning application is often necessary. As a result, many people simply assume that they need one whenever they want to erect a new type of outdoor lighting. While a planning application is, indeed, occasionally needed, that’s not always the case. If you’re buying a new property, a building inspection can ensure that any lighting on the property is okay; if you want to erect new lighting, though, read up about it below.

For the most part, a planning application isn’t necessary for outdoor lighting. It’s relatively easy to figure out if you will need one. One thing to keep in mind is that if the lighting will be used to light a tennis court, a compliance statement must always be lodged. Other than that, though, there is a simple series of questions that you can answer to determine whether or not you’ll need to file a planning application. Building inspections can also help you get the answers you need.

Will the Lighting be in a Local Plan Area?

If so, a self assessment can be used and a planning application shouldn’t be needed. You can find out whether or not your location is in a Local Plan Area by contacting the city. This is smart to do, either way, to ensure that you don’t inadvertently erect lighting in an improper area.

Will the Lighting be in a City Plan Area?

Many different areas qualify as being City Plan Areas within the city of Brisbane. You can look at a list by visiting the city website. To cut to the chase, though, you could always just contact the call centre of the city to find out for sure.

Is it Flood Lighting?

If you will be using flood lighting, make sure that it will not be shining upward. If it will be, you will definitely need to file a planning application.

Is Your Lighting Compliant?

Finally, outdoor lighting must be compliant with AS4282 – Control of the Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting. Make sure that you review the document before investing in any type of lighting. Otherwise, you may purchase something that you can’t even use.

Neighbour Complaints

Keep in mind that the city must take any types of complaints from your neighbours into consideration. If a neighbour files a complaint about your outdoor lighting, it will be investigated. This is another reason why it is imperative to obey the ordinances and be compliant with various codes. As long as everything checks out, your outdoor lighting should be deemed appropriate and it will be able to remain intact. Keep all of these points in mind and your outdoor lighting should go off without a hitch.