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New Safety Laws for Swimming Pools

As of December 1st, there are new laws coming into play regarding pool safety. These laws must be adhered to. Any previous exemptions will be disregarded and the only exemptions that will be allowed are those regarding disability exemptions. No other exemptions will be permitted. The Australian government is really cracking down on pool safety now to protect our children. The biggest killer of young children is by drowning. Enough is enough. We need to be more aware of water safety and keep a watch on our children around water. Our children are the future of our country, so we need to increase our awareness and protect them in every way possible. Our kids safety has to come first and there is no price in the world to great to accomplish that. Money cannot replace our children.

Part of the pool safety requirements is a safety certificate issued by a certified Brisbane building inspection professional. Part of the requirements for a safety inspector is a safety course which imbues them with the knowledge of what to look for and what safety requirements need to be met before a pool safety certificate can be issued The legislation does not set the amount they can charge. From mid November all pools must be on the state-based pool safety register. All pool owners will need to check to make sure their pool is on the register. There is no way around it, it is the law and you must comply with these new regulations.

To ensure your pool is within the new safety guidelines you should have Brisbane building inspectors come out to check your pool. It is in your best interests to have your pool checked to avoid a large fine and to protect your family. A pool safety inspector’s role is to check whether or not a pool meets with the safety regulations and to issue a compliance or non-compliance certificate. With a non-compliance certificate, it must state what part of the pool does not meet safety standards and what needs to be done to bring it up to code. A safety inspector can also, with your go ahead do any minor repairs necessary or refer you to a reputable business to bring your pool up to the safety standards required. So make sure that your pool is up to safety requirements and keep your children safe for the future.