Need a Building and Pest Inspection

Before buying a new house or property, you must first do some form of due diligence so you are sure you are investing in the right property. Defence Pest and Building Inspections (formally known as Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections Services) fully understands this need to evaluate property investment and purchase since a lot of money is involved in such a transaction.

The company’s services are designed primarily to protect the interest of the purchaser. With building and pest reports, the buyer is armed with important information to get the best deal possible. Building and pest inspection reports from Defence provide buyers that needed security and peace of mind. The reports will also help the buyer in the conveyancing process and in getting approval for a loan. As you may know, lenders are very particular with home loan approval because of the financial risks involved. They will want to be sure that the collateral they accept are in good condition.

What is Building Inspection?

Building inspection is a visual assessment of a property with the purpose to identify major defects. Additionally, it is to form an opinion regarding the overall condition at the time of the inspection.

When looking for a property to purchase, people are often given a rough tour of the place. With a thorough inspection from Defence, the buyer gets a more comprehensive assessment of the property. The building inspection checks for any current defects or damages in accessible parts of the building and can identify potential situations leading to future maintenance issues.

Where accessible and safe, our team will inspect the building and the site. Main areas inspected include:

Building Interior – This includes items such as kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, internal stairs etc. For example, internally windows are inspected from a structural point of view.

Building Exterior – Some of the items include: downpipes, gutters, external stairs, patios, landings, doors etc. For example, from an external perspective, windows are examined to see if they are square, are they waterproof etc.

Roof space – The inside (or underneath of the roof) is inspected for items including: framing, insulation, sarking etc.

Roof exterior – Inspection of the roof and it’s materials e.g. tiles, galvanised iron, Colorbond etc.

Subfloor – Inspection of relevant items including: drainage, frame of the timber, piers, posts etc.

Site – Stormwater drainage, driveways, paths, outdoor steps, retaining walls, fences (within boundary up to 30m from the building).

Types of defects may include:

  • Damage – The fabric or element (e.g. gyprock). Has it been ruptured or broken?
  • Distortion, Twisting or Wrapping – Have the elements of a structure been distorted or moved from their location
  • Material deterioration – Are there signs of rusting, rotting, corrosion or decay
  • Water penetration – Are there signs of moisture present in unintended locations
  • Installations – Are elements (or components) subject to improper or ineffective installation or inappropriate use
  • Operation – Do the elements or components operate as intended

What is Pest Inspection

Pest inspection is conducted to check if there are any Timber pests or Timber pest damage in the building. Some damaging pests like termites are usually hidden from view. Defence will check for presence of any type of pests, checking everything from the skirting boards, trims, doors, cupboards, floorboards, roof, trusses and even the garden. Learn more about pest inspections.

Choices of Pre-Purchase Inspections

You can arrange any of the 3 pre-purchase reports from Defence Pest & Building:

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection – a comprehensive evaluation and report on the structural condition to check for any defects or issues.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection – a complete check on presence of pests and pests damage. The inspection will look into all portions of the building to check any hidden damage or pests.

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection – The best deal of all. Combined inspection of the building’s structural soundness and the possible presence of pests.

For all pool inspection enquiries, please visit out Defence PoolSafe website.