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Making Pre-purchase Inspections a Part of Your Investment

Do you have your eyes fixed on a specific property? In a rush to win the bid for your dream house? Can’t wait to move in to that elegant four-bedroom home? Don’t seal the deal just yet – not until you’ve seen what’s inside the house, between the walls and under the subfloors. And not until you are convinced that the price is right for the real value of the property.

Why a Pre-purchase Inspection is an Excellent Investment

Our inspectors at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services have come across investors who were about to make a big mistake in closing a deal simply because they almost forgot to consider a pre-purchase inspection. Most of the time, buyers get too excited and just want to acquire a property they like almost immediately – before anyone else wins the bid.

We advise property investors, however, to make pre-purchase a part of their investment, simply because it can save thousands of dollars more than if they immediately paid for a property that has not been thoroughly inspected.

In general, pre-purchase inspections are done to:

  • Identify structural problems – cracks in walls, chipped tiles, damaged framing – some of which may not be readily visible
  • Determine if there are water leaks, leaking pipes or problems with the fixtures and drainage system
  • Check the roofs and walls for possible entry of water or the risk of moisture build up, especially during rainy seasons
  • Check whether or not the windows and doors are damaged and that the locks and handles are in working order

After a complete inspection of the property, our team at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services will then provide you with a detailed inspection report that can help you decide whether or not you are willing to buy the property with its current condition. On many occasions, pre-purchase inspection reports are also used to reassess the value of the property and make negotiations with the seller.

Negotiating the Deal with a Pre-purchase Inspection Report

If the property has been found to have problems, or there are issues that require repairs or remedial work, then you can come up with an agreement with the seller in terms of the property value or the repair work to be done. The seller may decide to decrease the price or shoulder the repairs so you won’t have to shell out any money on remedial work.

With pre-purchase inspections as an investment, many property buyers have been able to protect themselves from making the wrong decision and to avoid buying properties that were more expensive than what they should be paying for.