Leaks In Your Home Could Lead To Costly Repairs

Not all damages in the home can be seen by the naked eyes, hence it is necessary to pay attention even to the minute clues that you find. Sometimes, a small leak is simply that – a leak due to a damaged water pipe in your kitchen or bathroom. But more often than you might realise, it could be hinting to you of a bigger problem that could occur if these little damages are not thoroughly inspected.

Leaking Pipes Could Be a Breeding Ground for Moulds

If you or a member of the family has allergic reactions to moulds, then leaks in your property should immediately be fixed. The moisture and humidity surrounding the leaking pipes will encourage the growth of mould and the release of spores into the air, triggering coughing, sneezing or runny nose in people allergic to moulds. Moulds can begin growing within 24 to 48 hours under ideal conditions, so our team at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services suggests that damaged pipes be repaired within this period.

A Moist Environment Attracts Pests

Moisture is a necessity for termites to survive, and this is exactly what a leak in your home will provide them. Most especially when the leak is located near a wooden structure, such as the ceiling or a wooden column, then there is an increased risk of infestation as the pests will have both the moisture and the food that they need.

Leaky Pipes Can Mean a Leak in Your Pocket

Aside from the risk of mould growth and pest infestation, ignoring leaks or being unable to immediately determine a leak in your plumbing system could also lead to a sudden increase in your utility bills. We’ve had clients whose utility bills have increased to almost double simply due to a leaking pipe that was not found until an inspection was made. This usually happens when the problematic pipes are hidden and no regular inspections are conducted.

If left unmanaged, it can get even more expensive over time with the degree of damage increasing, inevitably affecting other parts of your property.

Getting Your Home Inspected

A regular building inspection can help control or avoid leaks in your home, which means you also avoid the expensive repair costs. At Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services, we provide regular and complete inspections, allowing you to get a clear picture of the possible problems in your property – be it an unseen structural damage, leaking pipe or pest infestation.

We will also help you determine if there are risks of infestations or if your property is vulnerable to specific structural damage so that measures can be taken before the problem even begins.