Child under the swimming pool

Keeping your Kiddies Safe in the Pool

It’s a fact that at least 95% of drowning deaths in the Under-5 age group can be prevented by vigilance. The accidental drowning deaths of young children can usually be attributed to them wandering into the swimming pool area unattended.

All it takes is a couple of minutes to drown – you really cannot be too careful when it comes to kiddies and water.

Making your Pool Safe

If you want your pool to be safe for your children, there is a lot you can do today. In fact, legally speaking, there is a fair amount that you are required to do, in order to make your pool compliant with the new pool regulations.

A Compliancy Certificate

The first step in making sure that your pool is compliant is to get your hands on a pool safety check list – freely available on the web – Just run a Google search. You can then do a basic inspection yourself.

The main idea is to make sure that kiddies cannot climb over, under, or squeeze through the pool fence and to make sure that the entrances to the pool area are properly secured. This will stop children being able to accidentally wander in. You also need to ensure that you have a CPR sign clearly visible and that all fences and gates are in good working order.

Get the Inspector in

When you are fairly satisfied that you have complied with the regulations, you can call in a professional building inspections expert. He will either confirm that your pool is compliant and issue you with a Compliancy Certificate or give you a run-down on what still needs to be done.

Some building inspection companies will have divisions that can handle repairs for you but not all of them do. Those that don’t will usually be able to recommend someone to do the work properly for you.


There is only so much that a pool fence can do, however. You still need to be vigilant when it comes to your children’s safety. Children should never be allowed to play unsupervised in the pool – a responsible adult should always keep an eye on them.

Don’t automatically assume that your teenagers are the ideal babysitters either – they are more likely to get distracted, more likely to mess around and less likely to be able to cope with an emergency situation.

The Rules

A set of rules for pool users of all ages should be established and enforced. You need to sit your children down and talk to them about the very real dangers of drowning and how easily it can happen. Let them know what kind of behaviour is safe and acceptable around the pool.

Once everyone understands the possible dangers, the pool becomes a much safer place and your family can continue to enjoy it safely.