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How to Spot Foundation Problems

One of the biggest fears that most homeowners have is a foundation problem. When the footings or foundation of a home become compromised, the entire structure can be in jeopardy. Before buying a home, it is always a good idea to ensure that its foundation is in excellent shape. After buying a home, periodically inspecting it for signs of foundation trouble is also a smart move. A Brisbane building inspections company may be able to help you out with this, but knowing a few of the common signs is helpful.

Foundations and Footings: The Basics

Having a basic grasp about how foundations and footings work makes it easier to tell whether or not they are in decent shape. Basically, the walls of a foundation are connected to the tops of a home’s footings. The foundation bears the weight of a house all the way down to its footings. In turn, the footings carry the weight down into the surrounding soil. In this way, the foundation and footings of a home really are its backbone.

Types of Cracks

Cracks are the main thing to be on the lookout for when inspecting a home’s foundation. Superficial, hairline cracks that don’t go all the way through to the other side are generally nothing to worry about. Cracks that go through from one side to another are a different story. Cracks can occur for a number of different reasons, including settling, lateral force, uneven loads or heaving. Earthquakes and other natural phenomena can also cause cracks in a home’s foundation.

Occasionally looking over your home’s foundation is one of the best ways to catch a problem before it becomes dire. Although a pest inspection company in Brisbane will take a look at your home’s foundation, it’s important to realise that they will not include their observations on their completed report. That’s because a home’s footings and foundation do not fall under the property inspection guidelines. If spotted, you’ll be alerted to any potential problems, but what you do about them will be entirely up to you.

Things to look for when it comes to a home’s foundation include:

Wall Cracking

– When accompanied by defects in the foundation, cracks in the walls of a home can be indicative of a problem. By themselves, though, they aren’t generally causes for concern.

Misaligned Windows and Doors

– The settling of a foundation can cause gaps and misalignment in doors and windows. Look at the point where they close for gaps and other misalignments.

Tilting or Sloping Floors

– If a floor in your home seems to tilt or slope, use a level to double check it. Make a note of your findings for future inspections as well.