How Building Inspections Can Protect You From Sickness

Illness inside your home can begin from mere exposure to moulds and mould spores. But rarely are these fungi build-ups actually seen, which is why most people would never suspect that the cause of their nasal stuffiness and skin irritation are the moulds hidden in their ceiling and floorboards.

The Dangers of Moulds to Your Family’s Health

While most can tolerate the presence of mould in their environment, others may develop skin irritation and rashes as a result of an allergic reaction. This is usually accompanied by sneezing, runny nose, eye irritation and, in worse cases, shortness of breath. Those with lung conditions may also experience infections due to repeated or prolonged exposure to moulds. Being exposed to moulds may also trigger asthma attacks in people suffering from asthma.

Where Moulds Could Be Hiding

Moulds are widespread inside and outside the home. They thrive best in warm, humid, moist areas – that’s why you are likely to see them in the kitchen and bathroom, stuck on the tiles and other surfaces. Leaking pipes located in enclosed areas are also susceptible to mould as the moisture and warm surroundings encourage its growth.

But while you can see the growing moulds, mould spores on the other hand, are not visible to the naked eye. Moulds form spores in order to reproduce; these spores can be dormant while in the air, and once they attach to a wet surface, they begin to grow into moulds. The problem is, even the unseen spores can cause irritations and allergic reactions.

Getting Rid of Moulds in Your Home

The most effective way to avoid health risks from moulds and spores is to clean the areas and surfaces where moulds are growing. This is quite easy for areas where moulds are visible, such as the bathroom and kitchen, where you can use cleansing agents to remove moulds from wall tiles and counters.

However, since moulds can be everywhere in your property even without you knowing it, we suggest at Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services that you have your property inspected. A complete and thorough property inspection by Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services can help identify leaking pipes, damaged gutters and cracked walls where water and moisture can be present, creating a perfect environment for the growth of moulds.

An inspection will also help you determine unseen areas where there are mould build-ups, making it easier for you to clean them up and repair any damage caused by moisture, if necessary. The removal of moulds will likewise lessen the presence of spores and reduce the risk of allergic reactions and other respiratory conditions inside your home.