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Heritage Listed Properties

Heritage listed properties are liked by people for a variety of reasons. These are classic buildings and it is something to walk on one. The best thing about them is that you do not require a fortune to own one. There are a lot of affordable heritage properties available that you can buy for your own residence or for resale and as a means of making profitable investment. Regarding making changes to a heritage property, there are some strict rules that one needs to adhere to. These are observed by building inspectors during Brisbane building inspection.

Conservationists are of the view that heritage real estate must be preserved and only minimal changes should be made. This is why laws governing the maintenance of heritage properties forbid owners to make any significant changes. As these properties were constructed in a certain era with its own requirements, the current residents generally want some changes done to make the place more comfortable and practical. Some basic changes are allowed but for these, you need to take prior permission for local authorities. These are in the form of development applications. These changes need to be compatible with the property and must comply with the laws and rules. For regular maintenance jobs, there is no need for any approval. An example if this is a replacement of damaged roof slates.

When major renovations are required or there is a proposition of possible demolition, it is a good idea to involve the services of an architect to suggest design options that are both attractive and sympathetic. For basic timberwork or metalwork, there is no need to obtain consent of the councils. There are flexibility clauses that can be used by owners to request for land use changes. Those buildings that contribute to the character of a conservation area are generally not preferred. This is because with the demolition of these properties, the heritage value of the area also erodes away. In case the property does not contribute to the character, it may be allowed to be demolished and replaced with a more practical and and yet complementing option for the conservation area.

The property management companies regularly inspect the heritage properties to ensure these are properly protected against extreme weather conditions, fire and vandalism. The measures taken for the protection and safeguard of heritage houses will also be useful in making sure that the building does not deteriorate. Brisbane building inspectors make an assessment of the properties to determine if the buildings have a heritage status.