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Get Your Properties Thoroughly Inspected And Avoid Financial Headaches

Imagine moving into your new home, enjoying its comfort and loving every bit of it. But day by day, you start to discover something that begins to make you feel unhappy – from the crack behind the toilet bowl, to the almost-jammed door knob, hard-to-open bay window, uneven ceiling panels, broken floor tiles under the bed, and the list goes on. And all these you never found out about before simply because you were in the rush to win the bid and neglected the necessity of a pre-purchase property inspection.

We’ve had several encounters of these instances at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services, where our clients had only discovered problems in their new home after they had already moved in. What can make it more disappointing is after they review their contract, they realise they’d have to cover the repair costs.

On other occasions, a property inspection has been conducted, but it was not thorough enough to reveal all the problems. Hence, the responsibility of repairs could still fall into the buyer’s hands.

All these issues could be very well avoided by simply ensuring that the property you are buying or selling is inspected prior to sealing a deal, and that you come to the right people who can guarantee a complete and detailed inspection.

Pre-sale Property Inspections

If you are selling a property, your prospective buyers are going to appreciate your initiative to provide them with a well-documented report of a property inspection. Not only will a property inspection help you get the highest value for your property, it will also help you earn trust and credibility as a seller.

And because you want to maintain the trust with your buyer, you wouldn’t want to miss out even on the smallest, almost unseen details. You probably wouldn’t want them to suddenly come up to you and tell you that your report didn’t include a crack under the sink or a damage in the roof void, would you? This is why it is important to get the right people to do a thorough job.

Pre-purchase Inspections

For buyers, a first look of the house might make you feel it is your dream house, giving you the urge to close the deal immediately and not bothering about inspections. But inspections can indeed give you a closer look of the home you plan to live in and allow you to make an informed decision. Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services can help you determine the condition of the home prior to your purchase and give you an idea of the possible repairs needed and the cost involved.

After a complete and thorough inspection, you can then decide if the property will be a wise investment and, if repairs are required, you might even be able to negotiate with the seller for a better deal.