gutter and rain

Dealing With Minor Gutter Problems

Roof and gutter problems are a common concern for homeowners and property buyers, yet it is an issue often overlooked. This usually happens because the property is not regularly inspected or the inspection was not conducted thoroughly. It may not be until there is a heavy downpour that problems about leaking or overflowing gutters are revealed.

The Most Common Gutter Problems

When inspecting homes for roof and gutter problems, we often hear homeowners complain about gutter overflows especially after a consistent downpour, even with only moderate rain.

Our technicians from Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services later discover that these problems mostly stem from:

Faulty installations

Incorrect installation of the eaves or drainage pipe or the gutter simply having an insufficient slope can cause water to gather in the gutter valley. If there is a delay in movement and water drains too slowly, rainwater may begin to overflow.

Problems with installation may also cause rainwater to leak into the ceiling and even lead to severe damage in the interiors and other parts of the property.

The effects of faulty installations can be prevented by making sure that issues are identified and corrected immediately and that, most importantly, installation work is handled by a reputable builder.

Clogged gutter

If the gutter is not being cleaned on a regular basis, dried leaves and other debris may get stuck and clog the gutter, which can cause overflows and even damage the material.

Yet because it can never be avoided that debris will continue to gather in the gutter valley after several months, our technicians from Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services advise that roofs and gutters be maintained and cleaned routinely. Checking and cleaning the gutter at least once every three months can help avoid the build up of leaves, dirt and even moulds.

Damaged gutter

Due to wear and tear, the gutter may start becoming rusty and less durable over time. This can result in cracks and holes leading to water leakages that may flow into the ceiling or wall to which the roof is connected.

Although it cannot be avoided that at some point roofs and gutters will be damaged due to consistent exposure to water, heat and different types of debris, being able to identify the problem before it causes significant damage to the property can save you from expensive repair costs.

Have Gutters Checked During Property Inspections

If regular inspections are being conducted on your property, then you are less likely to worry about dealing with gutter problems. Still, you should take the initiative to ensure with your property inspector that your roof and gutter are carefully checked for problems. You should also make it a point that as soon as issues are discovered,repair work is done immediately.