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Complete Building and Pest Inspections for Your Home

Nobody likes to live in a creepy and perilous house. To make sure the building structure as well as fixtures inside are well-kept and do not pose any health hazards, complete building and pest inspections in Brisbane are essential. Homeowners need to inspect their homes at least once a year especially after the rainy seasons, cyclones, floods or any other natural disaster. There might be many crucial areas around the house, such as roofs, that might get seriously damaged as a result of extreme weather conditions. Some of these damages demand immediate inspection so that they can be fixed before leading to a greater disaster.

What is included in the building and pest inspections?

House inspectors will generally analyse and provide assessment of the following:

  • Roofing and ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Guttering
  • Framing, plumbing, wiring
  • Doors and windows
  • Rot and dampness
  • Presence of pests such as termites

Another report that will be made by the building inspectors is whether the features of the house meet the current rules and regulations of the property or not. These might include inspections of any house extensions and pool safety inspections.

Even if there have not been any unfavourable weather conditions or other natural disasters, there can be a normal wear and tear of the building structure making it weak to sustain. This is why regular inspections are important to make the residence more safe and secure.

Ceilings, roofs and protective top coverings of the main building structure or any additions and extensions have to be monitored regularly. These can get seriously affected by strong winds and heavy rains. Timely inspections will ensure less is spent on fixing these areas later. Another area to be inspected is wiring and electricity. Faulty or damaged wiring can cause short circuit that can turn out to be very dangerous.

Pests and termites are also another major source of concern and a vital part of home inspection. Termites could be eating away the foundations of your house and may cause the structure or part of the structure to collapse.

Building and pests inspection companies have all the right equipment and expertise to make thorough building inspections, pest inspections, and pool inspections Brisbane to ensure you have a safe and healthy living. The costs of repairs can be quite huge if these inspections are not made at the appropriate time.