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Important Things to Know about a Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report specifies the existing condition of a property that is next to a proposed building or infrastructure work. The report contains observations, photographs and sometimes diagrams, which help create a picture of the condition of the building or infrastructure at a specific period.

Dilapidation inspections are normally carried out before the start of the proposed building work and always before the commencement of large-scale excavation or construction work that involves heavy equipment. Generally, all accessible interior and exterior areas and roof exterior areas are looked at and photographed from ground level or from the upper level during the inspection. A final inspection is carried out upon completion of the construction work and a report is made to record any changes that the work may have caused.

Aim of a Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report is a requirement for Council approval for a development. The purpose of the report is to prevent expensive lawsuits upon the completion of a building work by having a record of the condition of the adjacent buildings or infrastructure before the start of construction. A dilapidation report also gives the adjoining neighbours an independent report detailing problems with their property before the construction work.

Without a dilapidation report, it will be harder to ascertain the damage caused by the construction work on the adjoining property. This may result in difficulties in making claims for damages. Property owners who are concerned about nearby construction work should commission a dilapidation report for their peace of mind.

The inspection and reporting is carried out by an independent, qualified consultant. This is to ensure an accurate documentation of the condition of a building and to prevent any partiality towards the builder or property owner.

The Importance of Building Inspections

As a property owner, make sure to have building and pest inspections done regularly on your property. Hire a trustworthy building inspections expert to ensure the building remains structurally sound and that it is free of pests. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection Services uses the latest methods and state-of-the-art equipment to conduct thorough and accurate inspections. The company also provides dilapidation reports after conducting inspections.

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection Services offers highly professional but reasonably priced services. The company only employs licensed and qualified inspectors. They have extensive training and experience and they are accredited with the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA). They also hold certificates for a Completed Residential Building Inspection course.

You should know the condition of your building at all times because construction work could commence in the surrounding area at any time. Your building may suffer damage as a result of the construction. A regular inspection is beneficial as it will protect you, your tenants and your investment property.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

Building owners need to maintain regular checks on the building and have building and pest inspections in Brisbane done to make sure it is free from any structural damages and other health hazards. Preparation of inspection reports are vital in certain conditions, such as when there is some construction work going on in the surrounding area. In such a case, dilapidation report is prepared for the building to present its condition before the commencement of construction, so that any damages caused as a result of adjacent construction can be claimed for later on.

What is a dilapidation report?

This is a written report made after carrying out a complete and thorough inspection of the property. It is often supported by photographs of different parts of the building. These photographs are used to determine the condition of the building before the start of any construction or demolition work on an adjoining property. Such a work may include construction of a new building, alterations and renovations to an existing structure, road works, underground tunnelling or demolition tasks. After the work is completed a final inspection will be made and a report be made to document any changes that might have occurred as a result.

Benefits of a dilapidation report

When a dilapidation report is not prepared it will be more difficult to verify the damage caused as a result of construction on the adjoining property. This might lead to difficulty in claiming for damages. Dilapidation reports are useful for those property owners who are concerned about nearby construction. It can be a wise investment to get the dilapidation report prepared for more peace of mind. One copy of the report is with the building owner and the other with the person carrying out construction. In this way, there can be no disputes regarding possible damages. Dilapidation report is also useful in identifying any cracks or damages in the building prior to the construction work.

How to get a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation report is a third party factual record. It is filled out by specially trained building consultants. It is important that the consulting company has a license to operate. This will ensure an accurate documentation of the condition of the building and not contain any bias.

Dilapidation reports are important for documenting the condition of a building including cracks and faults. It includes complete inspections, such as building inspections and pool inspections in Brisbane before and after the construction process in the surrounding areas of the building.

Building and Pest Inspections for a New Home

Pests and termites could be anywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes and easily find abode in any part of your home or premises. There are two main problems associated with pests: they can damage the building structure and they can create health concerns for the residents. When purchasing a new home you do not want to run into any of these two problems. Therefore, building and pest inspections in Brisbane are very important in giving the buyers a peace of mind and security that the new home or building is free from these problems.

When finalizing any property deal, most buyers are requesting for a pre-purchase inspection of the premises. This is, however, not compulsory. A pre-purchase inspection includes identification of termites, borers and fungus. It is highly recommended to have this kind of inspection because one in three houses in Australia is expected to have this problem.

Techniques used for pre-purchase inspection

A very common method of making inspections is the visual inspection. This can be carried out with the help of appropriate aids. This may include inspections made for the interiors as well as exteriors of the building. Besides this, there are a number of other measures used. These include the use of a donger, a Termatrac, a moisture meter and a temperature unit. Each of these techniques specifies a certain problem area in the building. For proper application of these pest and other damage detection techniques, there is a need for experienced and knowledgeable technicians. All of these measures meet all the required health and safety standards and, in no way, will harm the environment, public or animals.

When you want to buy a property, in order to prevent yourself from a costly mistake, it is suggested that you get carried out building and pest inspections first. The reports of the building and pest inspectors will provide an overall assessment of the property and present to you the true worth of the property. Getting this inspection done by professionals is important because it gives you the perspective of another person. Another benefit of having a pre-purchase inspection is that there can be chance to renegotiate the price of the property in case certain faults are identified. Pre-purchase inspection also ensures a safer and healthier living environment for the new residents.

It is the right of every buyer of the property to have the building or premises inspected in a number of areas. These include building inspections, pest inspections and pool inspections in Brisbane. All these ensure that the building is free from the problem of termites and other structural damages before a price is paid for the property.

Thermal Imaging – How it Works to Detect Pests

To protect your home from pests, particularly the extremely damaging termites, helpful building and pest inspections and monitoring are needed. Effective removal of termites means pinpointing the source of the infestation, finding the nest and exterminating the queen responsible for the proliferation of the termites.

There are now technological advances that can be adopted to improve the methods in detecting the presence of termites and to identify the cause of the infestation. One effective method is thermal imaging. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections makes use of this technology as part of our methodologies in detecting termite infestation.

Non-Invasive Detection

Thermal imaging involves the use of infrared cameras to spot distinctive thermal changes in the property. Infrared imaging does not rely on visible light. Its main function is to visualise the rise and fall of temperature in different areas in the property.

Thermal imaging is favoured because it is non-invasive and non-destructive. This method can map thermal changes within hidden areas, such as within walls and below the soil. This is very important as these areas are the usual hiding places of termites. Being able to see where the termites are without damaging structures is advantageous to the property owner. If there is termite infestation going on within the hidden areas of property, the imaging device will see a distinct change in the thermal image. If the image covers walls, termite infestation appears as dark patches on the infrared image.

Proper Usage

Thermal imaging is very innovative and highly effective, but it must be used correctly. There could be sources of heat that can disrupt the detection process. It is best to remove other possible sources of heat so as to isolate the termite heat signals. For the purpose of the inspection, it is best to turn off machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators and computers, which will register heat changes in the area.

Thermal imaging will also be effective if used in areas with stable ambient temperatures that do not exceed 23 degrees Celsius. During summer, the device should be used during mornings. Other times, it is recommended that the imaging is done during the afternoons when the termites are more active.

At Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections we use thermal imaging as part of our pest detection methods. It is best to use this technology in tandem with other detection methods such as Termatrac, which uses radar technology. When used in tandem, the detection process becomes more accurate.

Pre-Construction Dilapidation Reports Essential

Reliable pest inspection is not the only service we can supply to the general public. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can also offer:-

• Pre-purchase Building Inspections

• Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

• Pre-sale Inspections

• Pool Safety Inspections

Dilapidation Reports

• Stage Inspections

• Home Inspections

Dilapidation Reports an Absolute Must

Of all of the services we offer the most exacting can be a dilapidation report. Whilst the process is exactly the same as for a building inspection there is very little likelihood of a messy neighbour dispute erupting from its results.

People do not realise that a dilapidation report is not only to declare a building dilapidated. A report such as this records the current and subsequent condition of a particular dwelling.

If you or a close neighbouring property were intending to undertake major construction work in the form of a new extension, perhaps involving the destruction of part of an existing building, it is always a good idea to gain the services of a reputable building inspector.

The building of a retaining wall, road production or any form of tunnelling may require a report such as this and in some cases may form part of an approval from the local council.

The reason for this is to record the pre-construction condition of your home. A major construction can often include the use of heavy machinery employed for the removal of soil and helps with the construction itself.

Soil removal can undermine the footings of an existing dwelling. Should this happen it is more than likely that cracks will form or perhaps something even worse may eventuate.

The footings of a home are its foundation structure. These footings can vary depending on the results of a soil test. Some can be piers that have to be sunk deep into the ground to avoid slippage whilst others may just be the slab the house is built on.

Keeping Everyone Involved on the Same Page

The gaining of a dilapidation report will keep all the players involved with any construction work on the same page.

By this we mean that the existence of such a report will outline the current state of a particular building in a before and after condition. This makes it easier to assess if any damage was in fact incurred due to construction or not, thus avoiding any sticky situations that may fester out of control should a dispute erupt.

Get Your Properties Thoroughly Inspected And Avoid Financial Headaches

Imagine moving into your new home, enjoying its comfort and loving every bit of it. But day by day, you start to discover something that begins to make you feel unhappy – from the crack behind the toilet bowl, to the almost-jammed door knob, hard-to-open bay window, uneven ceiling panels, broken floor tiles under the bed, and the list goes on. And all these you never found out about before simply because you were in the rush to win the bid and neglected the necessity of a pre-purchase property inspection.

We’ve had several encounters of these instances at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services, where our clients had only discovered problems in their new home after they had already moved in. What can make it more disappointing is after they review their contract, they realise they’d have to cover the repair costs.

On other occasions, a property inspection has been conducted, but it was not thorough enough to reveal all the problems. Hence, the responsibility of repairs could still fall into the buyer’s hands.

All these issues could be very well avoided by simply ensuring that the property you are buying or selling is inspected prior to sealing a deal, and that you come to the right people who can guarantee a complete and detailed inspection.

Pre-sale Property Inspections

If you are selling a property, your prospective buyers are going to appreciate your initiative to provide them with a well-documented report of a property inspection. Not only will a property inspection help you get the highest value for your property, it will also help you earn trust and credibility as a seller.

And because you want to maintain the trust with your buyer, you wouldn’t want to miss out even on the smallest, almost unseen details. You probably wouldn’t want them to suddenly come up to you and tell you that your report didn’t include a crack under the sink or a damage in the roof void, would you? This is why it is important to get the right people to do a thorough job.

Pre-purchase Inspections

For buyers, a first look of the house might make you feel it is your dream house, giving you the urge to close the deal immediately and not bothering about inspections. But inspections can indeed give you a closer look of the home you plan to live in and allow you to make an informed decision. Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services can help you determine the condition of the home prior to your purchase and give you an idea of the possible repairs needed and the cost involved.

After a complete and thorough inspection, you can then decide if the property will be a wise investment and, if repairs are required, you might even be able to negotiate with the seller for a better deal.