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Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing is when the title of a property is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer. Generally a conveyancing solicitor is employed to handle all procedures. A solicitor is more aware of the different laws and regulations pertaining to different locations in Australia and are, therefore, in a better position to deal with all conveyancing issues expertly. There are a number of requirements and considerations when the title of the property gets transferred. These include complete building and pest inspections in Brisbane. Each inspection will have to go through the right procedure suggested by the conveyancing solicitors.

When the buyers and/or sellers undertake the conveyancing process themselves, they take a huge risk. Not only will this be a costly and time consuming task, it is very likely that certain mistakes might be made. Since there are many legal procedures involved in the process of conveyancing, a lot can go wrong that might be of a disadvantage to the buyer or the seller. For example, it is possible that a contract deadline is missed or appropriate adjustments are not made at the time of settlement of the property deal. In case any of this happens, those involved in conveyancing might end up seeking professional legal advice that will cost much more than the original conveyancing that they were trying to avoid. Employing a licensed solicitor not only saves time on paperwork but also provides peace of mind while you make one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

The process of conveyancing involves a number of procedures and costs. Some of the most common costs incurred during conveyancing include stamp duty, registration fees and searches of zoning and titles. Another important aspect of the conveyancing process is building and pest inspections and pool safety inspections. These are carried out in the pre-sale period to make sure that the place is free from health hazards. If the place is in a location that is more prone to natural disasters, such as cyclones and floods, there might be certain crucial areas in the house, such as roofs, that might get seriously damaged. Some of such damages demand immediate attention so that these can be fixed before being led to a greater disaster. Other more common building inspections are for flooring, guttering, plumbing, rot and dampness. The conveyancing solicitors might also make reports regarding features of the house that meet all current rules and regulations, for example house extensions.

Conveyancing process is a series of various tasks that are to be performed according to the rules and regulations of the particular locality. There are many inspections that have to be made, such as building inspections, pest inspections and pool inspections in Brisbane.

Should You Let a Structure’s Termite History Stop You from Buying Your Next Property?

So you’re walking around this beautiful home – it has an elegantly designed living room looking out into the garden, a spacious dining area adjacent to an inviting kitchen, and several cosy bedrooms perfect for settling in at night. This could be very well your next property; however, you notice that some of the building materials used are vulnerable to termite infestation.

And what if the property actually has a history of termite infestation? How would you know? Should you still buy it or just say goodbye to your dream home?

Opting for Pre-purchase Inspections

Prior to closing a deal, it’s always ideal to consider property inspections. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can provide you with reliable pest & building inspections that will help you decide whether a property is worth your time and money or not. We use the latest technology to ensure accurate detections of pests and other building problems.

The pre-purchase inspections we offer at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections will not only tell you about the termite history of a property, but also the property’s susceptibility to future infestations. Through this, further damage to both the property and your bank account can then be avoided.

What If the Property Has a History of Pest Infestation?

The question still stands, should you settle for that property if the inspections reveal that, indeed, the property has been infested by termites? Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is a resounding ‘no’ as it doesn’t make sense spending for a home that will just end up incurring more expenses after its initial cost.

On the other hand, you can use this as a reason for negotiating and reaching a better deal. Check if the property owner is in an agreement with a pest control and management company, and see if the contract can be transferred to you. If the inspections reveal that treatments are required, make sure that the repair costs will be shouldered by the current owner.

In worst case scenarios where there is no existing contract with a pest control company and the owner is unable to cover all of the treatment costs, request for the value of the home to be reassessed. Make sure that the results of the pest inspection are taken into consideration to see if any adjustments can be made.

Furthermore, if you have decided to purchase the property, you should ensure that regular termite and pest inspections are conducted as part of your home maintenance.

Technologies Used for Building and Pest Inspections

Every nook and cranny of a real property is examined thoroughly during building and pest inspections. Aside from the experienced eye of the inspector, technologies and equipment play a vital role in the inspection process. The building and pest inspector with the help of the latest technologies and equipment makes sure that a home is checked for structural soundness and durability.

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections uses the latest technologies to carry out guaranteed building inspections. Some of the technologies used by the company include Thermal Imaging Cameras; Termatrac; Borescopes; and Moisture Encounter.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Modern thermal or infrared (IR) imaging cameras now allow inspectors to spot areas of moisture or thermal inconsistencies and come up with a diagnosis, often without the need to perform additional invasive inspection methods.

Infrared cameras can see what the naked eye cannot. They can spot areas in the home with major building issues, including termite damage, plumbing leakage, missing thermal insulation and more. Thermal imaging can detect many problems that are hidden by wall linings such as termite damage or termite sub-nest and moisture damage.


Termatrac is a breakthrough technology for detecting termites through timber, plaster board, brick or masonry without damaging any building material or disturbing termite activity. This is because Termatrac requires no drilling, tapping or prodding. The device was invented and developed in Australia using technology related to radar.


A borescope is an optical device that can be used to perform remote visual inspection of moulds in homes and buildings. Mould can grow in areas of a building that are impossible to view, such as behind walls and under floors. With the aid of a borescope, these impossible-to-view areas can be inspected for mould growth.

Moisture Encounter

A moisture encounter is a non-destructive general building inspection device. It has three ranges of sensitivity that make it ideal for different building materials: 1) It employs low-frequency electronic signals; 2) The lack of probes or pins to damage the surface of a building; and 3) The ability to spot moisture through varnish, paint, tiles, wall paper or roofing felt.

Building Inspection Technology

When it comes to building and pest inspection, you will want to hire a team that makes use of state of the art technology. With the new detection technology available today, inspectors can be more thorough, they can detect potential problems at earlier stages and they are quicker to conduct inspections, whilst being less invasive.

The end result for you is a lot of money saved; the earlier problems are detected, the less expensive they are to fix and the inspection itself is more cost effective because it is quicker.

Here are some of the new technologies that may be employed:

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These work by detecting fluctuations in the temperature of walls. This helps to pinpoint leaks and water damage and also termites that are living inside the walls or structure of the house.

Remember those old Sci-Fi movies with the X-Ray glasses, the thermal imaging cameras are a much like X-Ray glasses, which allow the inspector to see if there is a problem within or behind walls without actually damaging them.


This is an Australian breakthrough and is very effective in detecting termites. It works on a principle similar to that of radar.

The benefit of Termatrac is that it is non-invasive and it will not disturb any termites nesting in the building – the last thing you want is to find out where the termites are, only to have them quickly leave because they are disturbed by the noise.

Moisture Encounter

This is a tool that is suitable for use over the entire building. It can be adjusted according to the building material used and works by sending through low-frequency electronic signals.

It is used to detect moisture through various finishes and is non-invasive. It causes no surface damage at all.


Tips and Tricks to Help you Sell your House

Are you looking at putting your house on the market? If so, you need to consider having some basic inspections done before you list your home. This will ensure that you have no rude surprises when it comes to the actual sale going through. You need to remember that most buyers nowadays will have a building or pest inspector out to check for possible structural problems or pest problems. Most of the time, if there are problems, it is better to have them fixed up yourself rather than risking the buyer cancelling the sale or having the price driven down altogether.

The following are some of the advance home inspections you should look into having done:

An Independent Appraisal

One of the most useful advance home inspections is an independent appraisal. Whilst estate agents tend to have a good idea of what properties in the area are worth, it can still pay you to have an independent appraisal done. Remember that the estate agent will naturally be looking after their own commission and so may not be the most objective when it comes to appraisals.

An independent appraisal can also be shown to prospective buyers as proof of the value in your home. It will also help you to get a good idea of what your home is actually worth and ensure that you do not undervalue it or overinflate the price. It is also a safeguard against future sales possibly falling through – an independent appraiser is likely to be more conservative than an estate agent and will often appraise along the same guidelines that the bank appraisers do. This makes it easier to match the bank’s actual appraisal if the buyers are applying for home finance.

A Pest Control Inspection

A sale, especially if financed by a bank, is usually contingent on a proper pest inspection anyway so it is worthwhile to have one done before you put the house on the market. This way you will know about any possible problems relating to pests before they are discovered by potential buyers. The advantages of finding out about pest problems upfront are quite substantial. For starters, it gives you the opportunity to fix the problem before listing the property.

Alternatively, if you do not intend to fix the problem, you will be safeguarding yourself against future claims by noting the defects of the property in writing. Buyers will not be able to say that you were trying to disguise the problem and you will also have written evidence about how far it had actually progressed. This is also useful because you will be aware from the get go exactly how much this will cost to fix – buyers won’t be able to ask for excessive discounts because of the problem.

Home Building Inspection

Just like with building and pest inspections in Brisbane, forewarned is forearmed. You will also be notified of any legal requirements that need to be adhered to. For example, an expert in pool inspections will be able to make sure that your pool area meets all legal requirements.

A further advantage of having these repairs conducted before the house goes on the market is that there won’t be a huge rush to get the repairs conducted whilst waiting for escrow to go through.

Protect Yourself With A Pre-Sale Inspection

When buying real estate, nothing convinces the potential buyers that they are offering too much for a property, then to learn the building is infested with pests or has a structural flaw. All too many deals get cancelled during the cooling off period because the buyer orders a pre-purchase pest and building inspection and learns of a previously unknown problem that will be expensive to remediate. These discoveries are not necessarily something being concealed by the seller – often the seller never knew the conditions existed. But when these problems come to light, for example, when a buyer orders an inspection from the Brisbane building inspectors, the result is often a cancelled deal or renegotiation. Savvy buyers and even savvier sellers use Brisbane building inspections to protect their investments.

Is it the seller’s responsibility to disclose property flaws?

Although in all sales transaction, full disclosure is the goal, states do not place a duty on sellers to discover latent problems with their properties. Often sellers are blissfully unaware of major pest problems, particularly termites and wood-destroying pests that are eating away at their property. As a purchaser, if you are about to invest a significant amount of money in a property, let a professional open your eyes to what you are buying. During the pre-purchase phase of inspection, a pest control expert can detect the presence of wood-destroying insects and a building inspector can provide you with the details of the structural integrity of the premises – all during the cooling off period. Likewise, a full inspection is a wise investment before a property auction, and before you plunk down you hard-earned money. The cost of the inspection is minimal compared to the cost of the surprise you may find down the road.

Why you should invest in a pre-sale Pest and Building Inspection?

When you’ve found a buyer who wants the property and is willing to meet your price, you do not want to lose the deal because of a problem discovered during a pre-purchase pest and building inspection. Head off the headache. A professional inspector can uncover problems and give you the opportunity to correct them before buyers even set foot on the property. How better to get your price than to show a potential purchaser that you have had the premises inspected and corrected all of the problems? How better to avoid expensive delays or cancellations and stay a step ahead of your purchasers? A pre-sale building inspection will pay for itself many times over.

When buying or selling a property, the wise investor will do a pre-purchase or pre-sale pest and building inspection from a Brisbane building inspector. It is money well spent!

The Advantages of Undergoing a Presale Inspection

Trust and credibility are two of the most important factors when selling your home. Potential buyers will not only be interested in the quality of your property, but more so, your honesty as a seller. This is why professional home inspections are necessary prior to finalising a sale and signing your contract.

It is of valuable advantage to you, as the vendor, that even before your property is listed for sale or for an auction, a thorough inspection is conducted. We at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections can provide a detailed presale inspection of your home to help you secure a deal, with the best value for your property.

How Important Is It?

With a presale building examination from Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections, you will get more reliable offers and be able to decide on a realistic price for your property. Here are some of the reasons why you should initiate a presale inspection:

  • You will have the most current building inspection report that you can readily present to your prospective buyers, which will give them confidence that you are serious about the deal. Some buyers may also inquire about inspections, so it’s always best to be ready.
  • It will be easier to assess the value of your property since you know all the existing conditions of your home.
  • You will have more time getting any defects sorted out, whether it be with regard to the material quality or possible pest infestations, and get things repaired and replaced, if necessary. You will also be able to do all this even before putting up your home for sale, and by that, be able to add more value to your property.
  • Issues about renegotiation or contract cancellation due to claims of property misrepresentation can be avoided.
  • It builds your credibility as a seller by exercising honesty and transparency to buyers, in turn, you can gain more offers or bids. And, in the future, in case you will be selling another property, you already have a credibility record.

If you are still unsure as to whether a presale inspection will be necessary to close that deal, just imagine being in the shoes of the buyer and what impression it will give you knowing that the seller took the initiative to have the property inspected. You, as the seller, the trust you gain from being transparent to your prospects will be your selling point. On top of all of that, it will help guarantee a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

What to Expect from Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

The decision to purchase a home or real estate property is not something that should be hastily made. For most people, it is a major investment that will perhaps require them to use their lifetime savings. A buyer needs to be armed with sufficient information to make the right decision. A pre-purchase inspection is a fairly minor investment that will give buyers the peace of mind that the property they are about to purchase has been checked thoroughly by a qualified building inspection expert.

Why Commission a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

During an inspection, trained and licensed individuals check out the structural soundness of a home. Their trained eyes enable them to visually spot problems within a house. They type a report that contains information on what they have discovered about the home.

Pre-purchase building inspections are important whether you are buying or selling a real estate property. A buyer can use a pre-purchase building inspection report to determine whether the property is structurally sound and does not have major damages that may affect the value of the property or cost money to remedy after it has been purchased. For a seller, it is a good idea to furnish the potential buyer with a pre-purchase inspection report, including a pest report if needed. It signifies that the seller is being upfront in the transaction and means that there is no need for a potential buyer to commission and pay for an inspection.

What Does a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Contain?

Some of the areas and items that the inspector looks over include house interior wet areas, house interior, overall property site, subfloor/underfloor areas, house exterior, roof exterior and interior, and garage.

The pre-purchase inspection report basically contains details on what the inspector has discovered while checking over the property. The inspector will check for the presence of:

Cracks in parts of the home or building;
Leaks in the shower and/or shower screen;
Drips in the pipes;
Rot in the floor framing timbers;
Insufficient ant-capping within the subfloor area;
Damage/missing/chipped roof tiles or roofing sheets;
Improperly fitted roof flashings;
Broken boundary retaining walls;
Clogged-up weep holes; and
Damp proof course.

Some reports contain photographs that show the presence or absence of defects in a certain property. These visuals capture the condition and situation of the home or building at the time of the inspection. The report is delivered promptly to allow a potential buyer to evaluate the situation and to make an informed decision regarding the property in question.

Importance of Pre-Sale Inspections

Savvy buyers and savvy sellers both try to protect their rights and make the most out of a property deal. The buyer does not want to pay too much for the property and seller does not want to sell at a very low price. Pre-sales inspections that are carried out by professional inspectors play a vital part in the settlement or non-settlement of any real estate deal. This mainly includes building and pest inspections in Brisbane and provides information regarding the condition of the building and/ or possible presence of pests and termites inside. Pre-sales inspections are highly recommended during the cooling off period.

Many real estate deals get cancelled during the cooling off period. This happens when the buyer orders a pre-sale inspection to be carried out for the property only to find out that there are some serious structural damages in the building or an aggravated pest problem that might require costly repairs. These are often hidden problems and, in many cases, even the seller is not aware of gravity of the situation. These discoveries are made only during the pre-sales inspection and may lead to a possible cancellation of the deal.

When buyers are making an investment in real estate or residential property, they are spending their hard-earned money and, in no circumstances, want to feel ripped off. This is why requirement for a pre-sale inspection is a wise choice. When this is carried out by professional building and pest inspection companies, it makes it easier to disclose all possible issues related to the physical condition of the property.

Even though it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose all information before the contract is signed but, in some cases, the seller might be unaware of these problems. For example, pests, such as termites, are not easy to identify as these might be hidden in a number of areas and might be eating away the property. Having a building and pest inspection done for your property is important for the sellers because they do not want to lose a deal because of a problem that gets discovered during the pre-purchase inspection. This way the sellers can find the true worth of their property.

There are a number of building and pest inspections companies that might be recommended by property managers to their clients who want to make an investment in property. The inspectors of these companies carefully examine all areas, such as building inspections, pest inspections and pool inspections in Brisbane to present their findings regarding the condition of the property. This helps the buyer in making the right decision during the pre-sale period and ensures there are no surprises later on.

Building and Pest Inspection Experts

Purchasing real estate, whether a home or an investment property, is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your life. Thus, it is important to be sure that no little critters are slowly but surely wreaking havoc with the structure and foundations of your potential purchase, or plumbing problem that could cost you plenty down the line. This is done by having a building and pest inspection done to the property you are eyeing.

You can conduct the inspection yourself, but on a shallow level. This is because the ordinary buyer does not have the training and tools to carry out a thorough inspection of a property. The best Building and Pest Inspections company will flush out those critters and discover whatever else is structurally wrong with the property.

The building and pest inspection will provide vital information that will help both buyer and seller during negotiations. The building report will help the buyer know whether the property is a sound investment, or whether it carries some risks. On the other hand, it is an effective way for a seller to assure the buyer that nothing terrible about the property is being kept under wraps.

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections serves the buyers exclusively, as well as the entities responsible for the maintenance of private homes and investment properties. The company provides valuable information, which allows a buyer to acquire a property for the lowest possible price and on favourable terms.

Service Offerings

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections offer the following services:

  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections;
  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspections;
  • Pre-Sale Inspections;
  • Pool Safety Inspections;
  • Dilapidation Reports;
  • Stage Inspections;
  • Home Inspections; and
  • Thermal Imaging services.

Two qualified, licensed inspectors conduct all building and pest inspections. All inspections and reports adhere to the Australian Standards AS 4349.1 and AS 4349.3.

The Latest Technology

The company keeps up with the competition by giving the best service possible with the use of the most advanced equipment. The equipment includes Termatrac, Borescope, Moisture Meter,  as well as a Thermal Image Camera.

Thorough Inspection

The company makes sure that nothing passes its notice. Inspecting a property takes up a lot of time, we have two inspectors on site and we allow up to 2 hours for most homes. Inspectors will thoroughly examine the property, from the foundation to the roof and all else in between. The company provides the property buyer with a full report and notification of anything that fails to pass muster during the inspection.