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Safety and Security makes for a Happy Home

The importance of obtaining a reliable building and pest inspection cannot be stated loudly enough. Once you have found that magic place that you want to live in with your family and to put down roots, it is important to ensure it is going to be able to keep up with you.

It can be heartbreaking news to find that your new home for which you have just paid top dollar has sprung a big leak in the roof and it needs replacing. A new roof goes into the thousands to repair. Believe us when we tell you, this happens more often than you would ever know.

Here at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections we take pride in servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. This is why we offer detection services in a variety of ways.

The latest technologies are used to assist us in assessing a property. These include thermal imaging cameras, Termatrac, Borescope, and Moisture Encounter.

We Know Real Estate

Now your real estate agent is going to tell you that he or she knows real estate. It may be true that they understand how to calculate the fair market value of any given property in their area of expertise. It may be true that they know if a swimming pool will enhance or detract from a property’s overall appeal. It may even be true that they understand the importance of having local conveniences such as shops and schools nearby your new home.

When it comes to looking into wall cavities, checking out the crawl space under the house or in the roof, ensuring the pool gate latches properly, and giving the house a thorough once over in the search of insect pests it becomes our domain because We Know Real Estate!

We are able to offer an honest, confidential, and impartial report in any of the following situations:

  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections;
  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspections;
  • Pre-sale Inspections;
  • Pool Safety Inspections;
  • Dilapidation Reports;
  • Stage Inspections; and
  • Home Inspections

Currently, we are offering a free home cockroach treatment valued at $142 with every building and pest inspection.

This is another great bonus showing you we mean to keep our customers 100% happy. Just give us a call to come in and treat it while it is empty, before you move in and you will be well on your way to getting settled right into your new home.

Why You Need a Dilapidation Report

If you are starting a construction project, it would be of great benefit to consider a dilapidation report. Whether it be a new structure that you are developing or a renovation of a property, you may run the risk of damaging adjoining properties. A dilapidation report can be a way to verify any claim against you for damages to nearby buildings.

How Useful Is A Dilapidation Report

As the owner of the property being constructed, renovated or demolished, you can be accountable for any damage to adjoining properties that may be caused by the construction in your area. Depending on the proximity of the neighbouring properties and the amount of structural work done on your lot, the impact on nearby homes may vary. However, one thing is definite – the surrounding structures will be susceptible to damage.

In particular, some of the common complaints we’ve come across at Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services are cracks on pavements, driveways and walls. When property owners come forward with these claims, our clients can then verify through the dilapidation report if they can indeed be held responsible for these damages.

Therefore, if you do not have an existing dilapidation report for your current project, how will you be able to verify if these claims are valid? Without the report, it will be more difficult for you to validate the claims of the other party. Settling the matter without a valid document to refute the claim may even end up in having to pay for more expensive legal fees. Basically, the dilapidation report is a useful way to protect yourself from unfounded claims.

The Procedure

Our team at Defence Pest and Building Inspection Services will inspect the homes in adjacent lots and document the condition of the properties. The supporting documents will include images to ensure the consistency and validity of the report. The inspection and documentation will be done prior to the construction of your home or building. You will be provided with the copy of the report that you can use as a reference to validate claims if the need arises.

Other property owners also undertake the inspection by themselves. But while this can be done on your own, the validity of the document may be put in question. This is why it is important to find qualified inspectors who will be neutral to the developer and the owners of the adjacent properties.

Before Moving into Your New Home

Moving into your first house is really exciting and there is not likely to be a lot on your mind aside from the new house. There are a few things that you need to look at before you move into your new house and hand your rental keys over to your old landlord. It is a good idea to go through the following before you move in.

Do a Thorough Spring Clean

When you leave a rental property, it is important to make sure that it is in as good a condition as it was when you moved in, allowing for reasonable wear and tear. Reasonable wear and tear includes items that would show age over time, like paint, etc. that would normally need maintenance. It does not include dirt. You need to thoroughly vacuum and sweep the rental before you leave. Make sure that you scrub floors and fixtures and have pool inspections in Brisbane carried out before you finally do leave.

You not only have a legal responsibility to make sure that the place is clean when you leave but a moral one as well. Consider how you would feel if you had to move into a place that was filthy. Surely you would not want to put someone else through that.

Before you Move into your Home

Before you start to move your furniture into your new home, it is a good idea to take a little walk around the house and check for any loose tiles, fixtures etc. If you want to repaint or replace anything, now would be the time to do so. It is a lot easier to do those small repairs and renovations before you move in rather than after you have.

In fact, if left until later, those small little home repairs may never end up getting done. Just think about it for a second. Painting the walls when the house is empty is fairly simple – when there is furniture to be moved out of the way, or pets or kids to consider, it becomes a lot more of a pain in the neck. You can easily identify what things need to be fixed up during your pre purchase building inspections.

It is very important to carry out these inspections before you move in – you do want to be sure that you are prepared to take on any work that needs doing before you offer to buy the house. If you do not, your dream house can quickly become a nightmare of renovation.

Avoiding Nasty Surprises in Property Purchases

It is not rare that people buying properties are caught unawares by unpleasant surprises after they have inked the purchase deal. If you are looking to purchase a property, whether for residential or commercial purposes, you need to be mindful of the usual hidden traps. Some of the usual problems that buyers encounter include rusty and leaking pipes, unstable structure, hidden pest damage and other minor problems that could lead to bigger issues.

One of the best ways to avoid falling into a trap is to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the property. As a prospective buyer, you should know the importance of pre-purchase building inspections as part of the prerequisite to the actual purchase. At Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections, we understand our client’s needs to get a good grasp of the existing condition of the property.


Building inspections can provide you with the information that you can never gain just by simply visiting the property and checking the rooms. Some problems are well hidden from sight. It may be the electrical system, or the water pipes installed within the walls and underneath the floors. The damage could be termite damage to the foundational structure of the house. Such things will not be obvious to you when you visit and tour the property.

We see to it that inspections are thorough, covering the foundation of the building up to the roof and everything else in between. At Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections, our job is to make sure that you are investing in the right property and that your time and money will not be wasted.

For a comprehensive building and pest inspection, we use the latest in building inspection technologies, including thermal imaging cameras, Termatrac, borescope, and moisture encounter. Thorough inspection can take anything from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the property.

With our pre-purchase building inspection service, you can get a better deal if you believe that the property is still worth buying despite the issues found. You can ask the seller to bring down the price in view of the problems found in the inspection. The inspection report we will be providing will be helpful to you not only during the acquisition, but years after that. The report can be a guide as to when some areas or parts of the house will need repair work to be done.

Getting the Most Out of Your Property Inspection

For most property owners, the main advantage of having regular building inspections is to be able to preserve the structure’s aesthetics and save it from damages that may occur over time. For others, it’s mostly for keeping their places secure from pest infestations. Both, however, can give a much greater advantage – and that is to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Why Property Inspections Save You More Money

Come to think of it – if you don’t get your property inspected at least annually and significant damages are only discovered after they are almost irreversible, wouldn’t you be spending more money for repair by then than you would have if you had found out about these damages earlier?

This is always one of the main concerns we have at Defence Pest and Building Inspection, which is why we work closely with our customers to help them ensure that the value of their property is not slowly depreciating simply due to wear and tear.

Pre-purchase Inspections Have Benefits Too

Building inspections are not only useful for owners, but also for about-to-be-owners of a property. Since you will get a complete detail of the property’s condition as well as whether or not it requires repairs, then it will be easier for you to decide if you want to acquire the property. If you are eyeing the place as your new home, you can also wisely assess if you will really want to live in that house.

What to Check

When our team at Defence Pest and Building Inspection conducts inspections, we make sure that no areas come amiss and that we get to every corner of the home. Everything is then put on record and written in a report so you can conveniently view the findings.

If you are looking around the property as well, some of the things that you want to check include:

  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Floor tiles and bathroom tiles
  • Doors and door locks
  • Window frames, glass and locks
  • Ceilings
  • Condition of bathroom and other plumbing fixtures.

In addition to this, you should also pay attention to any signs of pest infestation, whether be it indoors or outdoors. Cracks on walls and ceiling walls are only some of the possible entry points of pests that you should be wary of.

Not all property owners are able to check on these and completely determine when there are problems, so it is advised to get help from licensed inspectors. If you are working with us, details regarding these areas are all included in our report.

Why Conduct Building and Pest Inspections on Existing Property?

Many people have lived in their homes without bothering to look in the ceilings or under floorboards to check whether any pesky critter is living there. This kind of complacency can cost you lots of money for repairs to make your home liveable again. It is important to have your home undergo a building and pest inspection regularly in order to discover Defects or damage or to your home before they become significant or before a minor pest problem becomes a widespread infestation.

What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Entail?

A building inspection is basically an examination of various parts of a home and is conducted by experienced building inspectors. Generally, the process involves checking the ceilings, floorboards, rain gutters, roof structure, sub-floorings, doors, plumbing, windows and other parts of a home.

A pest inspection, on the other hand, is intended to detect the presence of wood-destroying critters like termites (white ants) and borers. The areas covered by the pest inspection include the interior of the home, roof void, exterior of the home including patios and pergolas, and subfloor/underfloor.

After the examination, the inspector will provide a building and pest inspection report, which will state the discovery or non-discovery of defects and or damage and pests in the home. The report will detail the extent of damage and make recommendations.

Selecting an Inspector

It is important to hire the services of a qualified inspectors in order to get an accurate evaluation and assessment of the state of your home. We always recommend both a licensed and qualified builder and a licenced and qualified timber pest specialists. The inspection process will take time, usually two to four hours for most homes. As genuine inspectors we will be thorough and will make sure we do not miss any part of your home.

Experts have the training, skills and experience to effectively and efficiently conduct building and pest inspections. They can also advise clients on how to keep their homes structurally sound and free of pests. Experts also have access to the most advanced technologies and techniques to successfully complete the job. This will give you the assurance that they will be able to spot any defect or pest problem in your home.

Hiring experts is an expense that is worth it to homeowners. It is an expense that homeowners cannot afford to forego because neglect can cost them more in the long run. Reputable building and pest inspection companies offer service packages at competitive rates. Building and pest inspection is a necessary expense as it is one way for homeowners to protect their most valuable asset.

Healthy Homes

More and more emphasis is being placed on health these days and this is even being seen in the design of new buildings. Designers today are looking to create buildings that encourage environmental sustainability and that encourage more physical activity.

They make use of a tool known as ‘health impact assessment’, in order to come up with a new design that is sustainable and that is a lot healthier for occupants.


Part of the process is to ensure that the latest advances in terms of environmentally responsible materials are incorporated and that power supply draws primarily on natural sources such as solar power or geothermal sources.

Encouraging Exercise

More and more emphasis is being placed on encouraging people to use the stairs and also to get them outside with well-appointed gardens.

Health Impact Assessments are not New

These assessments have been conducted globally for several years but the impact has never been as widespread as now. They generally consist of a series of six steps in order to identify and counter a project’s possible health impacts.

What this Means for you

As a private person, the fact that public buildings are being built with health in mind may not seem like a big deal but the principles can also be brought to bear in the private sector.

For example, let’s say your children have asthma; your home should have a limited amount of carpeting, air filters and even the garden should be looked at to reduce the amount of allergens in the air.

What can you do?

Even if you cannot build your home from scratch, you can still make it healthier for you and your family. That’s where Brisbane Building & Pest Inspection Services come in.

They have a well-trained team that can conduct experienced building and pest inspections. The inspectors will check through your house thoroughly and help you to nail down potential health hazards such as mould and vermin.

They will also give advice on making your home more efficient in terms of keeping out unwanted visitors and peace of mind in making sure that your home is structurally safe.

For a professional opinion on how to make your home safer, call in Building & Pest Inspection Services today. Stay with the professionals with the experience and technology to properly inspect your home – only the best is good enough when it comes to your family’s health and safety.

Make the Best Investment Decision

For absolute peace of mind when buying a new property, nothing beats having a professional building and pest inspection conducted. Let’s be honest, most people have neither the requisite time nor expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of a property that they are considering purchasing. After all, no one wants to buy their dream home or invest in the ideal investment property only to find out a few months down the line that there are major structural problems or that the house is infested with pests.

This is where Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection Services come into the picture. We have a dedicated team of experienced inspectors who are able to thoroughly conduct any inspection you may require – from pool safety inspections to pest inspections. We are on your side and we want to help you make your decision to purchase a property as well-informed as possible. Our comprehensive and professional report will list areas of concern. We will help you to ensure that your home is safe and sound and also up to code legally. Having us on your team will minimize your chance of making an expensive mistake.

As one of the best Inspection companies in Brisbane, we take pride in giving a very thorough report – we do not simply do a walkthrough – our inspections will take around two to four hours to complete and we do not leave any shingle unturned. We not only have a team of professionals to conduct the inspections, we also arm them with the latest technology available when it comes to the detection of problems and structural damage, from thermal imaging cameras to borescopes.

Maggie from South Brisbane was especially happy that we use thermal imaging cameras because they enabled us to pick up some serious problems relating to rising damp that would have turned her dream house into a nightmare. The house Maggie was considering buying looked ideal to her and she had already decided how to set up her furniture when our report came in. Turns out that the dream home had some serious problems that Maggie wasn’t interested in dealing with and our report allowed her to discover that before it became her problem.

Sam found a great bargain but was worried that it was too good to be true. He was delighted to find that we were unable to find anything wrong with the house. According to Sam, the peace of mind that this gave him allowed him to make his purchase in confidence – Sam believes that he would have let the house slip through his fingers without the inspection because it seemed too good to be true.

Importance of Complete Building and Pest Inspections on Your Property

Whether it is an existing home or you are making a new purchase, it is always important to know whether or not there are any structural problems or the presence of pests. To know if you are living in a dream house or if it is a nightmare of problems, complete and thorough building and pest inspections are essential. These inspections are generally carried out in all accessible areas of the house to find out if there are any defects present that need to be fixed. This not only makes your home more worth living, but also improves its market value.

Building and pest inspection in Brisbane covers a number of different things. This process might take anywhere between two to four hours for most homes. Everything from the roof to the foundation is examined in detail to make sure everything is sound and durable. The problems are identified not just in the rooms, but also in difficult to reach out areas, such as under floors, in the roof, on the roof, and other structures on the property. The detailed reports of inspection provided by the building and pest inspection company will be useful in determining what actions might be taken to improve the living condition in your home and to prevent the problems from becoming too large to handle.

Typical building inspections will be for leaky pipes, improper rubber seals, ventilation, bathroom accessories, and drains. In the kitchen area, the inspection team will examine the damages caused to the stove, moisture damage to the cabinets or countertops, and other potential issues. For other areas around the house, they can also check for issues, such as cracked brickwork, loose floor tiles, peeling off of paint, and signs of water damage. Once these are identified, appropriate and timely repair or replacement work can be initiated.

When you hire a building and pest inspections company in Brisbane make sure they use only licensed and qualified inspectors and have years of experience in carrying out similar inspections. Also find out what kind of equipment and techniques they use. Some of the modern means of pest inspections include Borescopes, Termatrac, thermal image cameras, the moisture meter and acoustic equipment.

Building and pest inspections are necessary to keep the house safe from various hazards associated with structural damage, such as moisture issues, safety problems, structural damages, pests and termites infestations, general maintenance, and compliance to current regulations regarding property maintenance. There are a number of building and pest inspection companies that offer professional and affordable inspections for homes and if you own a home you should have it checked.

Superior Inspection Services

As we move forward with the growing knowledge of the importance of having a full and thorough building and pest inspection it has become absolutely necessary to continually improve inspection and detection skills.

This is why our staff at Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections must have completed a Residential Building Inspection course that allows them to be accredited by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) (previously the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA)).

Up-to-Date Technology

The technology that is available these days to detect any pest or rodent activity is quite amazing. In our complete and professional home inspections we incorporate the use of such services as:-

    • Thermal Imaging Cameras;
    • Termatrac;
    • Borescope;

Thermal Infrared cameras have remarkable abilities and are able to detect such things as termite damage, plumbing, window leakage, missing thermal insulation and overheating electrical equipment. You can see how this single technology alone can save you a fortune in time and money.

Termatrac detection is similar to that of radar and is able to pinpoint activity through products including plasterboard, brick and masonry, thus negating the need to make holes in the walls.

Borescope uses low frequency electronic signals to detect moisture through paint, varnish, tiles and roofing felt.

Service and Integrity

Buying a home, whether it is for yourself to live in or for an investment, is more than likely going to be the single biggest purchase you will ever make.

It is important to get it right to save yourself stress and hardship further down the track.

You can see from the skills and technologies we have outlined above that we have the capabilities to inspect any property big or small, easily accessed or not and supply you with the best possible data about a particular property.

Once we have obtained this data it is presented to you in a comprehensive yet easy to understand report that you can use to ascertain the correct condition of a property.

So when you are ready to buy that special home or investment why not look us up at to see more information on this and our other great services such as pool inspections.