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Building and Pest Inspection Experts

Purchasing real estate, whether a home or an investment property, is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your life. Thus, it is important to be sure that no little critters are slowly but surely wreaking havoc with the structure and foundations of your potential purchase, or plumbing problem that could cost you plenty down the line. This is done by having a building and pest inspection done to the property you are eyeing.

You can conduct the inspection yourself, but on a shallow level. This is because the ordinary buyer does not have the training and tools to carry out a thorough inspection of a property. The best Building and Pest Inspections company will flush out those critters and discover whatever else is structurally wrong with the property.

The building and pest inspection will provide vital information that will help both buyer and seller during negotiations. The building report will help the buyer know whether the property is a sound investment, or whether it carries some risks. On the other hand, it is an effective way for a seller to assure the buyer that nothing terrible about the property is being kept under wraps.

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections serves the buyers exclusively, as well as the entities responsible for the maintenance of private homes and investment properties. The company provides valuable information, which allows a buyer to acquire a property for the lowest possible price and on favourable terms.

Service Offerings

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections offer the following services:

  • Pre-purchase Building Inspections;
  • Pre-purchase Pest Inspections;
  • Pre-Sale Inspections;
  • Pool Safety Inspections;
  • Dilapidation Reports;
  • Stage Inspections;
  • Home Inspections; and
  • Thermal Imaging services.

Two qualified, licensed inspectors conduct all building and pest inspections. All inspections and reports adhere to the Australian Standards AS 4349.1 and AS 4349.3.

The Latest Technology

The company keeps up with the competition by giving the best service possible with the use of the most advanced equipment. The equipment includes Termatrac, Borescope, Moisture Meter,  as well as a Thermal Image Camera.

Thorough Inspection

The company makes sure that nothing passes its notice. Inspecting a property takes up a lot of time, we have two inspectors on site and we allow up to 2 hours for most homes. Inspectors will thoroughly examine the property, from the foundation to the roof and all else in between. The company provides the property buyer with a full report and notification of anything that fails to pass muster during the inspection.