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Building and Defect and Pest Detection A Must

We have discovered that it can be an interesting exercise to undertake a presale property inspection on behalf of the owner of the property.

Usually, Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections carry out this style of inspection on behalf of a prospective purchaser of a property. The reasons that purchasers ask us to complete an inspection such as this is for them to obtain an insight into the integrity of the structure of the building and grounds.

Many times, a purchaser has been caught out and discovered that their dream home is riddled with white ants, or has a damaged roof, for instance, and needs urgent attention, the costs of which can run into the thousands.

This is why these inspections have become a standard condition in a Contract of Sale in Australia.

Any building defects or issues with pests that are detected during a property and pest inspection can then be used to renegotiate the purchase price.

Presale Inspections – the Advantages

For some, the fact that a property owner has gone to this trouble may ring some bells and have them still seeking the services of another inspector.

The advantages, however, to a property owner conducting their own pest and building inspection can protect them in many ways. It can be quite revealing and save them time and money with any repairs, et cetera. that may be necessary.

As we know, for example, white ants can be sneaky little creatures and a vendor may not even be aware that they are housing these destructible fiends. If caught early the risk of property damage and devaluation can be averted.

If any structural defects are discovered when we inspect a vendor’s home they are able to attend to any repairs they deem essential at their own leisure instead of stressing by trying to satisfy the needs of a contractual agreement, which may only give them two weeks or less to make good the damages.