Termite detection

Benefits of Using Termite Detection Radar

Termite inspection and control has always been a huge source of concern for home and commercial building owners. Some decades ago, primitive methods and home remedies were used for dealing with this problem. Now, there are a number of revolutionary techniques introduced that are more accurate and efficient. Some of these include the use of thermal imaging cameras, termite detection radars, borescope and moisture encounter. These are being used extensively by many termite management companies for precise detection and complete eradication of termites from homes and other buildings.

One of the most revolutionary concepts in pest and termite control is the use of Termatrac, or termite detection radar. The use of this device during any building inspections in Brisbane can be very effective in accurately pointing out areas of termite infestation. It is the only technology so far that precisely detects, locates and confirms the presence of termites in buildings without having to physically penetrate the walls, floors or ceilings. There is no disruption or displacement of termite activity when Termatrac is used. This equipment drastically reduces the requirement for any post-inspection repairs, thus saving significant amount of time for pest control professionals.

Termite detection radars are made up of radar signals that are specifically calibrated for the identification of termites. They can detect termites through timber, concrete, drywall and a number of other building materials. These devices are also able to determine the difference between ants and termites without accessing building cavities. As there is no physical penetration, prodding or tapping when termite detection radars are used, the termites stay undisturbed and active for easier detection. There are also no damages caused to the building materials in the process. Since the exact location of termites is identified, the treatment process because more efficient.

Termite detection radar can be used during any building and pool inspections in Brisbane. This is safe to use as its design and manufacturing complies with the EMC regulations.

As the pest problem continues to grow in Australia, there is a need for more efficient pest and termite control measures. New developments are constantly taking place in this industry. One of the most popular equipment used for this purpose is the termite detection radar.