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Dealing With Minor Gutter Problems

Roof and gutter problems are a common concern for homeowners and property buyers, yet it is an issue often overlooked. This usually happens because the property is not regularly inspected or the inspection was not conducted thoroughly. It may not be until there is a heavy downpour that problems about leaking or overflowing gutters are […]

Importance of Pool Safety Laws

To prevent accidents and mishaps on swimming pools, the pool safety laws are revised by many governments. This is because despite the best efforts, the number of drowning incidents for younger children still shows an alarming number. Queensland has one of the strictest pool safety laws in the world and these have been revised to make it […]

Exemptions to Pool Safety Standards

Owning a pool is a great luxury but also a great responsibility. Pool owners must be informed of all pool safety standards of the particular region. Complete building and pest inspections in Brisbane are important and must be carried out regularly to make sure all rules and laws are being adequately followed. Pool safety laws are […]

Keeping Yourself Aware of the Dangers of Asbestos

With asbestos present in about one in every three homes in Australia, it is no surprise that the removal of asbestos is a common subject during client consultations at Defence Pest and Building Inspections. Despite warnings about the dangers of asbestos, however, many homeowners are still not well-informed about its health risks and the legal […]

Try before you buy

When it comes to buying your own home, whether you are a first time buyer or not, you want to make the best possible investment that you can. That is where a pre purchase building inspection comes into play. Pre purchase building inspections are set up with the aim of identifying potential problems when it […]

Repairing Flood Damage

Should you have been a victim of the 2011 and 2013 Brisbane River Floods, you are able to take advantage of the free flooding pre-lodgement service offered by the Council. The first step is to complete the Pre-lodgement Meeting Request Form before trying to set up a meeting. Should you own the property, you should […]

Gutter Problems And Repair

Gutter problems are an all-too-common issue among homeowners today. Whether minor or major, such issues must be remedied in a timely manner in order to avoid more serious problems down the line. Fortunately, most Brisbane building inspections take a close look at the gutters on a home, looking for problems. If your building inspection company […]

Information about Water Tanks

Water tanks, or rainwater tanks, are great ways to conserve water. Thanks to the growing popularity of conserving as many natural resources as possible, more people are using water tanks than ever. Whether you’re building a new home and want it to have a water tank, or if you’d like to add a water tank […]