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Why The Pest History Of A Property Matters

We all know how difficult it can become when you’re sharing your home with pests. Not only will they be destructive to your property, but they are also distractive to your comfort and peace. Worse, they can be dangerous to your health. Our team at Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services helps you address this […]

The Importance of a Structural Adequacy Inspection

When a structure is being renovated, or when an extension is added to a building, it follows that there is an additional load to the current structure. This, in turn, can have an implication on the durability and strength of the foundation, columns, walls and other components of the house. To accommodate the development, alterations […]

Due Diligence when Buying a Property

Whenever you are buying a new property, there is a possibility that you could get caught up in the excitement and simply make an offer. Before you do that, however, you need to ensure that you have professional building inspections conducted. By skipping this simple step, you could be letting yourself in for a world […]

Buying or Selling a Property With a Swimming Pool

Whether you are installing a pool in your home for the first time, or simply enhancing your existing one, there are many benefits of having a pool. There can be quality family time and a healthy lifestyle with a pool in the house. You can have various types of celebrations and parties arranged at the […]

Thermal Imaging

One of the greatest threats to any building structure is the presence of moisture. Often, it does not get detected until a lot of damage has already been done. This is because it is often not visible by the naked eye. Another problem is of termite infestation in homes. Termites are more attracted to damp surfaces […]

Storm Proofing Your Roof

Since the roof of your home is one of its most vulnerable spots, keeping it in top condition is critical. This is especially true when it comes to the sometimes severe storms that occur in the greater Brisbane area. If your roof is in poor shape, it won’t be able to cope well with intense […]

Are Termites Really Able To Destroy Concrete?

One common myth and misconception about termites is that they can eat through concrete, damaging even the brick walls, foundation and concrete slab to make their way to invading your home. However, this is far from factual. Perhaps, there were instances where homeowners have found termites in crevices in the wall, leading them to believe […]