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How to Carry Out Pool Inspections

Queensland homes with swimming pools for sale are required to have a current pool safety certificate prior to the property settlement date. For this purpose, a certified building and pest inspections company in Brisbane should be employed to survey and subsequently issue the certificate. It is prime responsibility of buyer’s agent to acknowledge the significance […]

Boundary Line Fencing and Inspections

When buying or selling a new home, it is critical to make sure that any fencing that is on the property is up to code. The fences on a property not only need to meet local council requirements, but they need to be located on the shared boundary line. If a council inspector looks everything […]

Thermal Imaging – How it Works to Detect Pests

To protect your home from pests, particularly the extremely damaging termites, helpful building and pest inspections and monitoring are needed. Effective removal of termites means pinpointing the source of the infestation, finding the nest and exterminating the queen responsible for the proliferation of the termites. There are now technological advances that can be adopted to […]

Pre-Construction Dilapidation Reports Essential

Reliable pest inspection is not the only service we can supply to the general public. Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections https://www.defencepestandbuildinginspections.com.au can also offer:- • Pre-purchase Building Inspections • Pre-purchase Pest Inspections • Pre-sale Inspections • Pool Safety Inspections • Dilapidation Reports • Stage Inspections • Home Inspections Dilapidation Reports an Absolute Must Of all […]

What You Need to Know About Pool Safety Inspections

Residential swimming pools are meant to provide a relaxing experience to families. Tragically, this has not been true for a number of families in Queensland. This was due to the growing number of serious injuries and drowning incidents, especially of younger children. The government took serious steps to introduce new pool safety laws and these […]