damaged concrete

Are Termites Really Able To Destroy Concrete?

One common myth and misconception about termites is that they can eat through concrete, damaging even the brick walls, foundation and concrete slab to make their way to invading your home. However, this is far from factual.

Perhaps, there were instances where homeowners have found termites in crevices in the wall, leading them to believe that these cracks were a result of termites eating up the concrete. The fact is, termites may use these cracks to gain entry to your property, moving their way to find a location that can be their nest and items that can be their food source, but they are unable to eat through solid concrete.

The cracks in concrete are usually a result of how the structure was constructed and other naturally-occurring factors, such as movements in the ground, but are never caused by termites.

The Nature of Termites

Termites are persistent creatures. They are continuously in search for food, travelling distances to find an environment ideal for building their colony. This is how they wind up at your home, because human dwellings usually have all the resources they need – food, moisture and shelter.

Once they have established their colony, termites will continue to multiply in number. Even when there are already thousands of termites in your property, you may hardly notice them, since their colonies are typically located in hidden areas.

Feeding Habits of Termites – Why They Can’t Be Eating Concrete

Termites require moisture for survival; without moisture, they will eventually die. This is why it is common to find them in areas surrounded by soil and why they build mud tubes on walls, so that they can keep a constant supply of moisture.

To get the nutrients they need, termites feed on materials that contain cellulose – this can include wood, paper, cotton, leaves, bark and other plant by-products. Inside your home, furniture, wood cabinets and fixtures, storage boxes, cardboards and even clothes can be an attractive food source for termites.

Concrete, on the other hand, does not contain the main nutrient (cellulose) that they need and neither are their bodies able to digest concrete, thus, termites feeding on concrete remains to be an urban legend.

Stopping Termites from Crawling Through Concrete

It is inevitable that no matter how well-constructed your property is, the concrete materials may have cracks. The most effective way to prevent termites from using these cracks as their passage is to have your home inspected by Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services.

Our team will conduct a complete inspection of your property, from the exteriors to the interiors, identifying any possible entry for termites and other pests. This includes cracks and crevices in areas that are not readily seen.

After the access points are identified, barriers can be put up by our technicians from Defence Pest & Building Inspection Services to protect your home from potential infestations. In the event that there are existing pest infestations, we will provide a plan of action to eliminate the termites.