Pest Monitoring

All About Integrated Pest Control

Nobody wants to deal with pest infestations. Unfortunately, many people handle their pest problems with methods that are far from permanent – or effective. All too often, pest infestations are dealt with using “band-aid” style approaches that only temporarily manage the issue at hand. Integrated pest control, or integrated pest management, is a much smarter way to go – especially if you have a long-running pest control problem. Learn more about it below.

How Does Integrated Pest Control Work?

Three main things go into integrated pest control: monitoring, baiting and pest inspections. In short, it is a proactive way to handle pest infestations and other related issues. A topnotch pest control company in Brisbane will be able to implement an integrated pest management service that is right for you. Before you look for one, though, it helps to have a better idea about what is involved.


Just because a pest infestation appears to be under control, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Quality integrated pest control involves continual monitoring of the premises. Periodic inspections and searches are conducted to check for the warning signs of new infestations. Instead of letting a problem become rampant, then, integrated pest management strives to keep problems contained and manageable. Most homeowners find this approach to be far more effective, and they enjoy pest-free homes much more often than those who rely on other types of pest control. Best of all, monitoring is much more affordable than having to eradicate a major pest infestation.


If problems arise during Brisbane building inspections, baiting can be conducted to draw out the pests. This is the logical next step in the process, and it’s one that can contain infestations and keep them from spiraling out of control. This is also a great way to pinpoint exactly where the problem exists so that it can be handled in a more strategic way. Pest control goes a lot more smoothly when you have a better idea about what you’re up against. Pest control professionals know how to set up the right kinds of bait for various pests, ensuring excellent results.

Pest Inspections

Even when everything seems “okay,” it pays to have periodic pest inspections done. Pest inspections are a regular part of integrated pest management. This is the primary way that the first small signs of a problem are found, and they are easier to deal with when it’s early in the process. You may not like the idea of paying for inspections on a regular basis, but it will actually save you a lot of money in the long run. This proactive approach is the cornerstone of any successful integrated pest control system; try it out for yourself today.