Swimming pool

Alarming Drowning Numbers in Australia

Drowning incidents have dramatically increased, and children make up a huge chunk of those accidents. According to Royal Life Saving (RLS), swimming pool drowning numbers increased by 95% in 2013 compared with the figures in 2012. If you are pool owner, this should be a big concern for you as there are lives that you will be responsible for every time this type of outdoor facility is used.

Main Victims are Children

One aspect of the RLS National Drowning Report that is a big concern is the increase in the number of drowning of children in swimming pools. The report, which covered the period from July 2012 to June 2013, shows a 48% increase in the number of drowning deaths of children below five years old. This is quite alarming since the under-five drowning accidents account for 44% of all swimming pool deaths. In most cases of death of young children, it has been found that there was no adult supervision available

Government Response

The states and territories of Australia have made strides to eliminate or significantly diminish the number of drowning deaths in swimming pools. As a response to the alarming drowning statistics, these states have enforced laws and regulations governing pools.

If you own or operate a swimming pool in Queensland, you will be required to adhere to pool safety laws being enforced in the state. The laws will apply to you if you are a landlord, if you are operating a shared pool or spa, or if you own a swimming pool in your backyard.

Importance of Pool Inspection

If you own a pool, your first concern will be to register the facility with the Queensland government. You will also need to obtain a pool safety certificate, which will be issued only after you have fully complied with all the safety requirements.

As part of the certification process, you will have to hire a licensed pool safety inspector to take a look at your pool. Our pool inspectors at Defence Pest and Building Inspections can help you in this aspect. At Defence Pest and Building Inspections, we only use qualified and licensed inspectors to ensure that your pool achieves full compliance with the existing laws.

Some of the items that our inspectors will be checking include resuscitation signs, pool fences, tree branches, gates, doors, windows and climbable items. If your pool is found to be in violation of any of the requirements, our inspector will let you know of the changes that need to be made.