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Advantages of Having a Dilapidation Report

In local neighbourhoods, as well as commercial areas, it is inevitable that structural changes will be carried out. This may include the construction of new buildings and renovations of existing ones that are adjacent to your own property. As a property owner it is important that you understand the potential impact of these changes to your own home. For this reason, obtaining a dilapidation report is useful for protecting your investment.

What is A Dilapidation Report?

When construction is done in a property adjacent to your lot, there is a risk that the structural work will cause damage to your house – including cracks on walls, floors and damage on roofs. A dilapidation report allows you to document the existing condition of your property prior to the construction, making it easier to identify any damages that may have been caused by the nearby structural work.

The dilapidation report is prepared by a skilled professional, who is neutral to the builders and the property owners in order to avoid any conflict of interest. At Defence Pest and Building Inspections, our team will thoroughly inspect your entire property and keep a detailed record of its condition. This may include photographs of several areas of your home.

After the construction or renovation in the adjoining property is completed, your house will again be inspected and the findings in the second evaluation will be checked against the record in the dilapidation report. The findings in the final evaluation will also be documented.

What a Dilapidation Report Can Do For You

If it has been found that certain damages to your property were directly caused by a nearby construction, as the property owner, you may claim for damages. The dilapidation report will serve as a document of proof as without a dilapidation report, claiming for damages could be a difficult step for you.

In addition, since the dilapidation report will involve a comprehensive inspection, any existing damages will be noted and necessary repairs can be carried out immediately.

Who Needs A Dilapidation Report?

Most of our clients at Defence Pest and Building Inspections who come to us for help on dilapidation reports are homeowners who are concerned about nearby constructions in their area, and want to make sure that they are able to protect their property. Dilapidation reports are also beneficial for builders and people carrying out the construction work to ensure their own protection.

The dilapidation reports are provided to both the homeowner and the builder in order to avoid any disputes on the property’s condition and damages.